Simple outfits made fancy. PART I


They say never start an article with a question but let me do it anyways. When you think about the most basic outfit what does come to your mind? I bet most people would answer “jeans and a t-shirt”. It doesn’t get anymore simple and comfortable. It’s an outfit for any occasion: lunch with friends, movie night, a date, grocery shopping (yes, for some it’s an occasion, thank you very much!). As good as your beloved pair of jeans make your butt look and your favorite t-shirt shows off all your hard-earned biceps it gets boring. But just by adding few pieces of clothing and accessories to your outfit can transform it into something totally different! So here’s the 1st post in “Fancy It Up” series where I will be talking about how to style everyday simple outfits. I hope you guys enjoy!



All you need for this outfit is comfy flats and a cardigan plus few accessories like earrings and your favorite clutch/bag. I was fortunate to find this cardigan that matched the beige color on the shoes. I am “everything-must-match” kind of crazy person but you don’t have to be. White t-shirt & jeans are very basic in color. Adding two more colors to it won’t spoil the outcome. In contrary will make it more colorful and fun.




A well tailored jacket makes all the difference. It is a key piece any fashionable girl should have in her wardrobe. It is very versatile too actually. Dressing it down with casual sneakers like those makes it suitable for lots of occasions. But that is a whole different post I will be making very soon. As long as the meeting doesn’t require a suit you can throw on your favorite jeans and t-shirt, put on a nice jacket and sneakers and you’re good to good. Simple and to the point!

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Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. For this particular outfit all you need is big earrings, matching belt and hells (makeup and hairdo goes without saying of course). Jacket is optional. But if you decide to go with a jacket I would suggest something dressy like this one. Classic leather jacket will work as well.