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Jewelry and I were never friends. If you don’t count those crazy teen years when you would wear anything to stand out in the crowd. But when I finely came to my senses I couldn’t find anything that would satisfy my taste and my budget.

Cheap jewelry never got me excited. My meticulousness kept getting on the way. I’ve expected to see some serious craftsmanship that you probably could only find in fine jewelry. And since I’m not anything close to Queen Elizabeth my “all or nothing” attitude was getting me nothing. Until I walked in J. Crew store one day…








Probably only a lazy person haven’t seen the picture of Robert Downey, Jr as Iron Man in a nice suit with his hands wide open looking sharp as hell, range of mountains in the background… Remember that picture? That’s me when I’ve discovered J.Crew jewelry. It spoke to me (not literary of course). We are friends ever since. I love how J.Crew’s stylists pair those fancy pieces with simple outfits though I’ve decided to go with more glamorous looks here. But that’s the beauty of J.Crew jewelry: you can wear it with any outfit: sporty, classy, modern you name it. It literary works with any style. I like everything simple and to the point (jewelry included) but J.Crew gave me something that I didn’t know I wanted.












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