Simple ways to de-stress step by step





Recently I’ve been working so hard and was under so much pressure that one day at the end of 3rd month of almost-no-days-off/crazy-working-hours marry-go-round I’ve found myself being so stressed out that even a pair of new shoes wouldn’t help the situation. Well, maybe if they were Louboutin… No, probably still no. Not being able to workout and let all that negative energy out made everything even worse. I couldn’t change the situation at that point but what I could do was to survive it without nervous breakdown.

Just making a little time for myself and using these few tricks to relax helped me more then I’ve expected. Now I do this “sacred ritual” at least once a week. Not because I am stressed but as a reminder that inner strength comes from a peaceful mind.







Turn down the lights, light up your favorite scented candle and put some soothing music. There are numerous radio stations that can match your taste either you prefer jazz for relaxation, classic or lounge. If you’re not sure here’s my favorite playlist. Music can have an enormous effect on your mood. Did you know that your heart rate changes depending on the type of music you listen? It’s like your whole body tries to sync with the rhythm. Upbeat music can help you heal and put you in a better state of mind. So here you have it – first step to a more positive attitude and scientific proof for it.









What I’ve always found helpful is taking a hot shower. It just seems to wash all my worries away. Fill up the tub with a little bit of hot water and add few drops of essential oil of your choice in it. The oil will fill your bathroom up with an amazing aroma. My personal favorites are citrus oils: grapefruit and orange. They never fail to uplift my mood. Lavender and marjoram are great for soothing anxiety and lifting depression. They also blend well together. You can either make the blends yourself (this link will help you choose oils that go well together: navigate to learn more and then check “blends well with” section) or buy a ready one.











Do you like to mediate? Or do you prefer a nice book? Maybe you are into movies? The question here really is what makes you happy? Anxious mind is an unhappy mind. It makes everything look worse than it actually is. It keeps bringing unhappy thoughts in your head over and over again. You want to get rid of that pattern by concentrating on something that makes you happy instead. Read a book, watch a comedy. Create positive emotions and it will not only help you to de-stress at the moment but sure will affect your productivity and creativity, helping you become a more healthier and happier person.



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