My 5 favorite workout gadgets and accessories




I’ve always liked sports but my mom had other plans for me. As much as I enjoyed my piano classes I wanted to do something active that would include more than just fast finger runs. But it wasn’t until later on that I got into actual running and weight lifting. When you are working out it’s very important to have the right gadgets. It makes it so much more enjoyable and fun. Nothing should distract you from that very last push-up and tangled headphone wires definitely are not on your side. So here’s the list of my workout must-haves.







If you’re serious about your fitness you probably have a sport band by now. If not I would recommend to get one. There are so many choices nowadays I am sure you can find something in your price range that can fit your lifestyle and your fashion style. Mine is sporty Charge by Fitbit. When I was shopping for my activity tracker my biggest priority was a heart rate monitor. I like to keep my heart in check since I’ve had problems with it in my childhood. Plus I tend to go a little crazy exercising some times. Knowing that I’m pushing myself a little too hard is important.









What is a workout without some music with a nice bass? Headphones аre a must. Mine are Jaybird wireless headphones. For four years that I’ve been working out I never thought that I needed wireless headphones. I was fine with my Beats until I tried Jaybird. No more tangled headphone wires! Plus they are very comfortable for your ears. For some reasons I thought that wireless headphones were more expensive that’s why it took me so long to get those. But there are some good options out there with reasonable price.









My current arm band is Quad Lock and this was the find of the century actually. I needed an arm band that would give me a very easy access to my phone. Good Instagram selfie doesn’t happen in one shoot you know. But jokes aside I have a list of my exercises written down in Evernote on my phone. I constantly change music, check my progress – what weights I used for this particular exercise last time, etc. When I started looking for a new arm band I didn’t even know I could find something like that. I knew what I needed and hoped I would find something that matched my needs. Luckily for me I did. To learn more about it click here.











We all know how important it is to drink lots of water. The good amount is 96 oz per day. But what I found difficult was tracking the amount of water I drank. Sure I had a pitcher of filtered water in my kitchen available all the time but it wasn’t very helpful – sometimes I would use that water for cooking and forgot to fill it up. If I was out of the house all day I wasn’t able to track every single glass of water I had. That’s why I find this Xtremeglas water bottle so helpful. I know that I need to drink three of those to reach my daily goal. I can take it with me anywhere plus it’s a 32 oz water bottle which means I don’t need to run to water fountain at the gym every other 30 minutes to fill it up.









Last but not least is my favorite backpack where I keep all that stuff. I used duffle bags before but once I’ve purchased this one I found myself using it again and again. It’s big and has lots of inside and outside pockets to organize my things. For a perfectionist like me it’s important. The straps are comfortable and make carrying heavy loads easy. And it’s in white and black. My favorite colors. What else can I ask for? 😉




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