Mastering chic in sneakers







I love wearing sneaker. I mean who doesn’t? It’s super comfortable and for the last couple of years very stylish. I hope this trend is here to stay. I basically lived in heels in my college years. Even using public transportation (where you had to stand most of the times) and knowing that I had 8 hours day ahead of me didn’t stop me from putting on favorite pumps in the morning. My feet definitely didn’t thank me for it and I remember coming home promising myself I wouldn’t do it again. But morning would come and I would change my mind yet again. Honestly, thinking about it now I have no idea how I didn’t end up with a bad back or something. So for a person who only wore high heels most of her adult life accepting that sneakers can be sexy as well wasn’t easy but I’m glad I finally did so are my feet.


dress: BANANA REBUPLIC // bomber jacket: vintage

sneakers: NIKE // clutch: DKNY














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