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With the weather getting warmer and nicer it is time to get spring clothes form the back of your closet. I cannot tell you how happy I am do to so! Finally after long winter “style slumber” and boring cold weather clothes I can be fashionable again! Not that I am not fashionable during winter of course but warm spring weather definitely gives more options for a stylish gal.

Although the key piece in this post is the trench coat this outfit came together for the sake of new heels. To be honest I love beige shoes but the reason I haven’t bought any before was simple – I didn’t know how to style it. I don’t really lack creativity when it comes to putting an outfit together but for some reason this was difficult for me. Call it a stylist’s block. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think about beige shoes is light blue jeans, white shirt, red lipstick and big wavy hair and after that… Blank. Nude shoes are not made to stand out but rather to complement the outfit due to it’s color and I wanted the opposite so when it all finally came together I was rather pleased with the result.














Trench coat is a must-have in any wardrobe. I’ve gotten mine last Fall and didn’t really get to wear it a lot before the weather got colder. But since it’s gotten warmer it is the only thing I wear either I go out or go grocery shopping. I like versatile clothing that you can wear for different occasions formal or not. I’ve passed those years (thank God) when I had my closet full of one times dresses/pants/skirts/shoes (especially) etc. More is not always better of course. The wisdom that comes with years. Not that my closet got any spacier now after I got rid of all that stuff but at least it is filled with good-quality, versatile clothing like this trench coat.



Most of us are afraid of wearing bright colors especially white since it gets dirty very fast. I was too but after buying this pair my fear have disappeared. Yes, it does get dirty but not as fast and not as bad as I thought it would. The trick here is to get good-quality, super comfortable jeans then your desire to wear it will be much greater than your fear.



I truly believe that the best way to style shoes in nude/beige is with clothing in bright colors. For me it absolutely does not go with anything in black. It is a contrast I do not like. This outfit with basic white jeans and t-shirt can be pared with any color shoes but because I have my bag in beige I went for this pair.



My bag is from a fellow fashion and lifestyle blogger Inga Xavier. I saw it in one of her posts and immediately felt in love with it. It is by her own design and you can purchase one by contacting Inga directly. This particular bag is also available in other colors. The design is that of an elegant lady and busy business women combined (which Inga herself is). It doesn’t fit much but it fits all the essentials and for a girl like me who doesn’t like to carry around extra things the size is just perfect.








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