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My morning skin routine differ from my night routine and this is how I think it should be because your skin needs different products depending on the time of the day. It needs protection from sun and air pollution during the day and products that help repair damaged skin during the night.

I want to start with my night routine first. It usually takes a little more time and products than morning routine (if you don’t count makeup, of course) and it is kind of therapeutic actually. By taking time to take care of myself it makes me feel a little prettier, makes me realize that imperfections that I find in my skin are just the creations of my own mind that don’t really exist or can’t be taken care. Nothing works better than women’s fantasies on “what to hate about myself today” (which I have to admit I’m guilty of from time to time) so for me the night time is a perfect time to unwind and give my skin a little love, attention and acceptance.









 It took awhile before I could find a cleanser that would not only clean my skin but also leave it feeling soft and moisturized. All the cleansers that I’ve used before felt like it was not only washing off my makeup but something else as well and there was no way I was letting my natural skin barrier going down the sink with my makeup. Plus I was looking for something that I could use to remove eye makeup too. Wipes, emulsions, solvents and such were never an option. The only thing that they could ever achieve were my red eyes and smudged makeup all over my face so when I finally tried Josie Marant Argan Cleansing Oil it was a relief. To be completely honest she had me at “I believe in balance” message on her packaging. I mean if a woman chooses for it to be the first sentence on her product line you bound to find some good stuff.





It felt a little weird at first. Oil cleanser for my oily skin? What a funny idea! But after couple of times it felt like it was exactly how a cleanser should feel and be. You apply 3 to 4 pumps of cleanser on your dry hands and then apply it evenly all over your face. After you wet your face it turns into a very rich and soft milk with subtle fragrance that washes off even waterproof makeup (it does, I tried). It is actually 3-in-1 cleaning oil, makeup remover and anti-aging moisturizing treatment full of antioxidants (that repair your skin) and fatty acids (that nourish and purify) and basically dream come true for “skincare junkie” like me.







I got Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder as a sample with my purchase and kind of kept it on a shelf for awhile since I’ve already had so many but once I’ve started using it I found myself using it more and more often, forgetting my other face scrubs and exfoliators. I was surprised how long that little sample pack lasted and when it was finished I bought full size without thinking.

Just the packaging of this product deserves a separate blog post ( I won’t be posting any pictures of it so you’ll discover it all for yourself if you decide to purchase it). I absolutely LOVE it! It leaves my skin feeling SO clean, squeaky clean, literally but in a good way not “after soap” squeaky kind of clean, if it makes any sense. Even after using other facial scrubs it always felt that there was still something left but not with this one. It is a very gentle but really effective exfoliator.




Sixty dollars is an investment but it is a good kind of investment that will last you long and make you skin look nice and polished. This product is gentle enough to use twice a day but I only use it twice a week or if I need some extra polish.

Note: You can also use it to smooth rough skin on your elbows, prevent ingrown hair or soften cuticles.







For toning I use Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated.

I’ve discovered Herbivore just recently and used only couple of their products but I love what I’ve used and seen on my skin so far. They use only natural ingredients from resources within US, make it in small batches without any preservatives and don’t test on animals. I use the mist after cleanser and before applying moisturizer. It tightens pores and prepares your face for better moisture absorption. The mist contains coconut water (high on amino acids), hibiscus flower extract (that helps even your skin tone) and rose water (which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent). All your skin needs in one bottle.

Note: Use it during the day to refresh and hydrate your skin. 













My face moisturizer is also from Josie Marat. It is Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter. My skin is oily-to-combination type that gets really really dry during winter and is very sensitive. It is a weird combination but it is something I have to deal with and I’m happy there are products like this one to help manage my “unruly” skin.

I bought this moisturizer during winter months and have been using it ever since. It is a very rich but fast absorbing cream that indeed leaves your skin “juicy and supple” like is says it will. It contains fatty acids and vitamin E that protect your skin, blend of watermelon seed and cucumber extract with shea butter that makes your skin glow and soothing aloe nectar to reduce redness. To lock the moisture up and intensify hydration I apply few drops of 100% Pure Argan Oil after moisturizer.

Note: Use Argain Oil on your hair for shine and softness or your nails. 



Farmacy is also a recent discovery turned one of my favorite skincare product lines. The first thing I’ve tried was Deep Moisture Coconut Gel Mask and the effects of that mask literally blew my mind away but it is another story for some other post.

I’ve never really considered an eye cream being a necessity up until now. During February when I was launching my blog and was under a lot of pressure I got few red spots right under my left eye. Either it was some kind of allergic reaction (that stress definitely contributed to) or something else but nothing could get rid of it until I tried this eye cream. It worked like magic. It healed it in no time and those red spots never came back again and I do meditate more often and take better care of my mind because as we all know our body and mind are interconnected in a way we don’t fully understand yet. But if I find myself in a stressful situation from time to time it’s good to know there is a product to back me up.





Unfortunately this is the part that we neglect some time (at least I know I do but I’m working on it). The skin of the lips is same as the rest of your skin the only difference is it’s thinner and it needs an extra care. I use Lippe by Drunk Elephant. It is anti-aging and protective treatment that hydrates and restores collagen production.


As good as those products are I do believe that beauty comes from inside. What you eat and drink, what thoughts you have on your mind effects your skin condition tremendously. So stay hydrated, eat lots of fruits and veggies and most importantly don’t let the stress get the best of you and your skin.


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