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The second biggest fear is public speaking apparently. I cannot tell you where I’ve heard it from exactly but must’ve been one of the TED talks. I would also add that we spend half of our time (if not more) thinking what others think of us and it is a huge obstacle to overcome when coming out of your comfort zone. Being afraid of someone’s disapproval can prevent you from achieving a lot of things. Even when people say they don’t care about what others might think about them they more or less do anyways. That’s why I love blogging so much. It definitely makes me get out of MY comfort zone a lot. I’ve just started as a fashion blogger but it didn’t take long to realize that most of the work (if not all) I would have to do by myself and it is all good fun but the hardest part is the work on myself.

I’ve always been a shy person. I wouldn’t speak up at a class because I was too afraid my answer would be wrong, I wouldn’t ask other people for help because I was too scared of rejection but one day I realized that I either have to live with this fear for the rest of my life or I can do something about it. I chose the second. I am not afraid to ask strangers for help any more (that’s a progress) but taking my tripod and going out to take pictures all by myself definitely didn’t make me feel comfortable at all so I obviously did it. Just to prove to myself that I can:) I did get THE LOOKS from passers-by but it wasn’t disapproval it was more of a genuine curiosity (what’s she doing out there?) Funny thing the more pictures I took the less I cared what others might think of me. I know that if before I saw people taking selfies “shamelessly” the only thing that crossed my mind was “I wish I could it so “shamelessly” too” and zero disapproval. Because most of the time it is just curiosity and if you meet few jerks along the way, well they are just passers-by anyways.

Coming out of your shell is never an easy thing to do and you can come up with thousands of excuses but it the end the only question that remains – is the job done? If not – can you live with it? If you can’t – what can you do about it. The fear of being afraid is always greater than the fear itself. So here we are my camera, tripod and myself on a mission to conquer the world. This post is my pride and joy because it’s a prove that I CAN! So can you!

Happy conquests:)



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