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To be completely honest with you – I hate running. That very last mile when all you have left is your determination and close to zero energy and mental power to continue I hate running a lot. I might even curse a little if situation permits and there’s no one around, not very lady-like I know but hey who doesn’t? My yoga instructor said once “Your brain gives up before your body. Don’t let your mind trick you into quitting” and I repeat that thought in my head again and again as a mantra until I finish that damn run. But once it is done and I check my progress on my phone I can’t help but smile and feel proud of myself. Not every run is a “happy run”. I do get those runs from time to time when I am very disappointed in myself, when I didn’t reach the goal I set up. So the motivation for the next one is even greater because now I have to prove to myself that I can do better. That’s why I love running so much. It is more of a mental exercise really as it is physical.

I’ve started running around 4 years ago though I wanted to do it since I was 18. The first time I did it I failed miserably of course. I ran really fast for 2 minutes and then my head started to spin, I felt really sick and felt really discouraged so I didn’t make any attempts after that for good few months. Finally the pride took the best of me and slowly but surely I got better and better. Indeed it never gets easier. Every time feels like the first time but what I have now that I didn’t have before is stronger will and experience. You get to know your body better – when it’s time to slow down or go a little faster, you know when your mind is about to give up but you know you still can continue going. I didn’t know anyone back then who ran on a daily basis so I had no one to turn for advice that’s why I put together few for you to get you started.


Whenever weather permits or even if it doesn’t try to run outside. I never thought I could run in the rain or snow but as it turns out it is much more fun than sunny weather. I especially love warm summer rains. The smell of fresh air makes it something special and very joyful. In fact all my best memories are about running in the rain. Those are the memories that stay in your mind not the memories of torment you had to go through while running. Naturally when you have  such amazing memories about running you want more and it makes you go out and run more. You can’t have such experience at the gym.


As much as I love my neighborhood it is not the same as running forest running trail. Even though I have to drive for about 10 minutes to the nearest forest/park I do it at least once a week to treat myself. Parks and forests are definitely the best but if it not an option neighborhood with beautiful houses will do the trick. I am a scenery junkie all the way and I think it is very important. How can you enjoy your run if your scenery is nothing but blocks and blocks of boring buildings? From my experience most of the towns/cities/neighborhoods have charming spots so yours might be just around the corner. Go explore!


And go from there. Don’t try to run 3 miles right away just because your co-worker brags he/she can. Running is one of the hardest exercises and it is very easy to get discouraged and stop trying because you start comparing yourself with already experienced runners. Don’t compare your beginning with someone’s middle! Listen to your body and most importantly try to enjoy. Time is the key. If you are determined to make running your favorite cardio be patient and keep trying because every little step though little as it seems brings you closer and closer to your goal.


Even if you are not not planning to run your first 5k any time soon and want to start running just for the fun of it, it is important to have your statistics written down somewhere. Sometimes (if not most of the time) the progress is not noticeable because it is slow and builds up little by little that’s why seeing your stats definitely makes you feel more proud of yourself. I use MapMyRun+ app on my phone that keeps all my running statistics, routes and more. It also has coaching and live tracking for additional fee which I am yet to try this month.

Happy running:)




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