Memorial day weekend | Wisconsin Dells, WI



Wisconsin holds a special place in my heart – I had one of the best times of my life when I worked at summer camp not far from Minocqua, a gorgeous little town located up north of Wisconsin some years back. So many great memories! What I loved the most were the lakes, beautiful nature and friendliest people. Coming for Memorial Day weekend felt a little like coming home. Wisconsin Dells is not exactly close to the north but the nature is nonetheless gorgeous and captivating. Most of the people I would say come over here for the nation’s biggest water park but what special for me is definitely the forrests, lakes and all the breathtaking views.



We stayed at three bedroom vacation home with pretty big backyard and lots of space for all the fun. Although we spent most of our time outside exploring, we enjoyed little time we spent at the house – it was nice and had everything you need for hanging out with friends and relaxing. The complex also had indoor and outdoor pools which were of no interest to me personally but everyone else liked it. I feel the best when I’m somewhere in the wild that’s why the best part of this trip for me was the boat tour and a quick trip to Devil’s Lake.





We spend the first day on the boat exploring Upper Dells of Wisconsin river. The Dells are noted for its scenic beauty and what beauty indeed. Some of the scenes felt like fairy land that can only exist in Jackson’s movies. That’s how unreal it felt. I was so excited taking pictures I dropped the cap of my lens in the water. The river has it now. Thank God it wasn’t the camera otherwise I wouldn’t be able to share all those beautiful pictures with you guys and those pictures definitely deserve to be shared. Better yet if you are a nature-lover like me plan your next visit to Wisconsin Dells, spend it in the wild and you won’t be disappointed but I’ll let the pictures do all the talking.



The Dells were made famous by photographer Henry Hamilton Bennett in 1850s who turned to landscape photography due to low demand for portrait photography in the area. His photographs of the Dells became very popular and were sold in cities across the US. Soon the Wisconsin Dells area became famous travel destination.








One of the stops on our tour was Witches Gulch which was also discovered by H.H. Bennett. He discovered the Witches Gulch in 1871 by cutting notches into the frozen waterfall at its entrance and climbing in. Local Indians believed it was haunted and advised Bennett against going inside the canyon which of course didn’t stop curious photographer and thanks to him we can enjoy the beauty of it now as well.

After entering the Gulch you realize why Indians thought it was haunted – the temperature drops down right away, it is very dark since the canyon is very deep, there’s almost no sunlight except for few spots and it definitely is very spooky. I don’t think I would want to be there by myself. But nowadays it’s almost impossible since it is a very famous tourist destination and people walk in and out all the time. 20 minutes that we spent here wasn’t nearly enough of course. I would explore this cave all day and come back the next to explore some more. It definitely was my favorite part of the tour.








Devil’s Lake park is the biggest state park in Wisconsin and apparently one of the most loved ones – it has 4.7 stars out of 5 on Google reviews and now I understand why. The view is breathtaking and there are so many activities you will need a week to do them all  – there are hiking and biking trails. There are 16 hiking trails, a total of 41 miles (66 km) in the park. There is rock climbing areas and boating. You can rent kayak, rowboat or canoe if you prefer to stay active on your vacation, or just enjoy the scenery and relax on the bank of the lake.

Unfortunately those activities were not on our list this time and we figured out about the lake way too late to make any plans. So we just ended up taking couple of pictures and enjoying the view for a bit. But I know where I am coming for my next kayaking trip!








Early mornings are the best! One of my favorite parts of the trip was waking up early and meditate or do yoga outside. It is my way of thanking the universe for all the wonderful times I have and all the wonderful people I meet on my way. This trip was a very short one and it felt a little sad to leave but I definitely will be back for more adventures, gorgeous views and beautiful memories!






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