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Everyone is talking about it – bloggers, vloggers and now me. Because finally I know what all the talk is about. So if you use foundation more than two times a week and love all the things useful that also saves you time and don’t have this beauty marvel just yet it is good time to get one. You won’t be disappointed.


The beautyblender® was created by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann in 2003 that quickly became a makeup sensation. In 2013 the original beautyblender® won the Allure’s Best of Beauty award for the 5th time. Allure’s Best of Beauty award is like oscars for beauty products (or at least that’s what beautyblender® website says). I think it was around that time that I started seeing the imitations of this products all over the stores – the certain sign of success but I didn’t see the actual thing until 2014 when Sephora started selling it.


The first thing that I’ve noticed right away was the fact that I used less foundation when I applied it with beautyblender®. Before purchasing one I was using Sephora’s airbrush sponge and it did not do a good job – first of all it was a very weird shape and it was really hard to reach the area’s under my eyes and around my nose. I just wanted to save money and try Sephora’s airbrush sponge first and see if I liked using sponges at all but as it turns out it was a waste of $12. Did I also mention it was impossible to clean up? It almost killed my desire to use this kind of applicators whatsoever and I stuck with my brushes instead for awhile. The curiosity and simple vanity took the best of me in the end anyways (Everyone has it! I must try it!) and when beautyblender® came up with the black one I just had to have it. I am glad a did. It is very easy to use, very easy to clean, it blends everything perfectly without leaving the streaks. Depending on the foundation I choose to apply it makes it look very natural and it takes twice as less time to apply it!

The range of products grew since the launching of the original beautyblender®. Now you can find applicators for any occasion:

ORIGINAL (pink) – for foundation, powder, BB and CC cream, cream blush and powder

PURE (white) – for primers, serums, moisturizers, eye creams and foaming cleansers

PRO (black) – for long-wear makeup, bronzers, self-tanners and male grooming!

MICRO.MINI – for concealers, highlighters, contouring and acne spot coverage

I don’t think it is necessary to have all four for every kind of product but it definitely helps to have more than one. I have just black one for now and I use it for foundation and contouring as well. So far I am loving what I’m seeing. I might consider buying another one in near future (they just came up with cute nude one).






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