What’s on my lips this summer


When it comes to lips beauty products I am very low maintenance – lip glosses and lipsticks can last me forever or, in that case, till expiration date. I am not used to having a lot of product on my lips aside from special occasions when I wear something more colorful and bolder than what I would wear everyday. Lip balm usually is good enough for me but with new role as a fashion blogger I need to up my game. I’ve been using a lot more lipsticks and glosses lately and I am LOVING it! I wonder sometimes what took me so long?! There are so many beauty products to try, so many brands and summer is all the reasons I need to update my makeup bag. Here are my four new additions to my collection.


Pink is the color of the season so naturally it is my first choice. It is Amuse Bouche by Bite Beauty in the shade KIMCHI. I have more Bite Beauty lipsticks than any other brand. It is safe to say – it’s my favorite brand. All Bite lipsticks are hand-made in Canada with natural oils such as jojoba, avocado, grape, etc. and food-grade ingredients. I love the formula – lips feel very soft and hydrated. I guess that what keeps me coming back for more. Did I mention the packaging? It’s a piece of art! 6



I did not like this shade right after I bought it. I did like the color of the lipstick but wasn’t sure if I actually liked it on my lips. I love all shades nude – this one was a little too light I though but I still gave it a second chance and it grew on me after all. It is my everyday lipstick if I don’t feel like wearing anything colorful. It looks perfect on tan skin. The formula is very creamy with light fragrance and it makes lips extra soft. It is from bareMinirals in shade BE FREE by the way.




I haven’t bought any lip glosses in awhile. Since matte lipsticks were (and still are) in fashion I didn’t really feel I needed one. I was having too much fun with the trend but times come when you go back to basics. I do love it though that we have so many choices nowadays. I little too many sometimes. It took me two days and four Sephora ladies to help me find the right one (yep, I take things seriously). This one is again from Bite Beauty and it is in shade STRAWBERRY. It has fruit oils in the formula and it smells SO good you want to eat it! 4



My forth choice is Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick by Smashbox in shade BABE ALERT. This lipsticks is perfect for summer! It does stay on for quite some time but can be easily removed with oil-based makeup remover. What I like most about this particular shade is that it is not very bright. My choice for every day lipstick is mostly nude or light pink but this one can go easily with that category. It is also the lipstick that gave my lips the most volume either due to the shade or the formula.





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