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Nothing screams SUMMER louder than wicker baskets, espadrilles and very trendy off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. I embraced this trend with all my fashion loving heart. This outfit as easy as summer so you shouldn’t overload it with too many details and accessories. Here are your step by step instructions for this easy breezy summer look.



What I like most about summer and I reckon most of us do is that the amount of clothes you DON’T HAVE to wear. The fact that during colder weather you have to figure out how to be stylish and at the same time don’t freeze your butt off can be exhausting sometimes. Unlike in summer all you need is one/two pieces of clothing, Ray Ban shades and you are ready to go. When choosing a summer dress is it best to go with cotton or linen fabric so you will be comfortable in the heat.


Espadrilles has been around for three spring/summer seasons I dare say and it is no wander. Aside from being stylish it is the most comfortable shoes for summer. Because the sole of the shoe is made of jude rope it lets you feet breath so you feel super comfortable. It is also the eco-friendlists shoes there are. Espadrilles are my number one choice for summer – you can walk in those all day without even one minute of feeling uncomfortable in summer heat.


I’ve been in love with Jane Birkin’s basket idea for as long as I can remember. As much as I love the purses I own this kind of baskets are the best for summer. It gives you the feeling of freedom that summer has. I don’t usually carry a lot of extra weight around – my credit card, phone, lipstick and keys is all I need and I can fit it all in my little Coach clutch but if I’m going to farmers market or groceries shopping this basket is the best plus it instantly makes me feel like I am on vacation. Who does like that? Even if it’s just the feeling.








dress: ANN TAYLOR LOFT // espadrilles: 14th & UNION

bracelet: SIMILAR



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