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To be completely honest I’ve only tried self tan once before so St. Tropez  was my second experience with fake tans. Being a not-such-a-big-fan-of-tan I’ve never really stressed over getting a little darker for summer but being a blogger changes you a lot making you try different things you otherwise would not try. Which I am totally fine with. No complaining here. I’ve chosen St. Tropez because I’ve heard lots of good reviews about this brand plus the brand name definitely caught my attention (which figures – anything French and I’ll buy it) although the only French about this brand is the name. It is a UK brand established in 1996.














I know a lot of concerns about self tanning creams and oils is that it can be uneven on your skin. Let me just say beforehand, I did not have anything like that in my experience with this product. The only patch of uneven tan that I had was on my right arm and it was because I accidentally splashed some water on it when I was cleaning my hands right after applying the oil. Otherwise the tan was perfect.






If you want a streak-free beautiful golden-tan and being splotchy is not in your plans do your prep. ALWAYS exfoliate before applying self tan. St. Tropez FAQs recommend exfoliating 24 hours before applying the tan but I usually do it right before I apply it. Use exfoliating gloves and soaps (or body wash) to insure you get rid of as much dead skin as possible. But don’t try too hard though. You don’t want to scratch your skin off. Instead of rubbing your skin rather go over your body it in a gentle circular motion to achieve the best exfoliation. It is also nice to use scrub on your elbows and knees since it is thinner-skinned area of the body and due to that if you don’t exfoliate properly the tan won’t be even.












For best results always apply self tan with applicator mitt. You will not be able to achieve the same results if you apply it with your hands. I start with my upper body since if it is the most work and I’d rather get it done first before moving to my arms and legs. Put a little bit of product on the mitt and apply it to your body in a long sweeping upward motion distributing the oil evenly over your body. Bend your elbows and knees for easier application. Don’t forget your hands and feet. Allow 5 minutes for the tan to dry before getting dressed. The tan will develop over 4-8 hours.








Description on the bottle promises  golden tan for up to 10 days but in never hurts to try to keep it even longer. I moistures my skin daily and exfoliate twice a weeks to insure an even fade. St. Tropez FAQs also suggest using their Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer or Tan Booster to prolong the life of your fake tan for up to additional 3 days.








What a like most about this oil is that it contains a tinted guide color so you can see where you’ve already applied the products. It will wash off after the first shower. The only thing about this oil that I do not particularly like is the fact that it has glitter in the formula. Overall I really like it – it is very easy to apply, it doesn’t leave streaks and it fades evenly. It does start to smell a little bit funny in about an hour after you apply it when the formula starts to work but it is not horrible. I usually apply it 5 hours before bed so I can have beautiful tan in the morning. Your skin cannot have any contact with water for up to 8 hours after you apply the tan so I found that this timing works the best for me. It doesn’t leave streaks on my white sheets either but as with any fake tan I do have to use darker towels after the shower so it won’t stain my white ones. Since it is a complete torture for me to lay patiently for hours by the pool waiting to get tan this product works very well for me. I’ve used it three times so far and I am very happy with the results.






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