The review: Milk makeup | lip marker


When brands started to come up with lip stains I kind of liked the ideas and couldn’t wait to try. The first one I’ve tried was Stainiac from theBalm® cosmetics and I got it from Birchbox with my samples subscription. It was a disappointment. It did look nice on the lips but it made them so dry it was almost uncomfortable to wear it for a long period of time. So I though that I might have a better luck with Milk since it was sold at my beloved Sephora and I usually like what I buy over there. I trust them with my skin! And that is a pretty strong statement.


Milk was created with busy girls in mind “who spend less time getting done up and more time getting stuff done”. It is US based brand with their roots in New York and LA. They use paraben-free natural ingredients that includes hydrating oils and fruit butters keeping it as low as possible on preservatives or none at all and I have to admit I do like the brand’s philosophy about the beauty being original and authentic. What they are trying to say in my understanding is that they give you tools to underline your beauty not mask it out. I like that statement but that particular product that I’m reviewing today… Not so sure.


There was a lot of negative reviews on Sephora about application being tricky. Personally I didn’t find it very challenging. It is as tricky as with any bold colors lipsticks. You only have one/two chances to apply it right. One thing is though you have your lip brushes to come to your rescue with applying the lipsticks. As for this lip marker you only have one chance – one wrong move and you won’t be able to cover it or clean it up.

Another concert with that product that everyone seemed to have (Sephora’s reviews again) is that it dried up the lips. It did feel a little dry on my lips but after I applied some lip balm it felt fine. What I liked the most though was a very bold and matte color. My lips looked AMAZING. It didn’t smudge, it stayed put… till next morning and some more. And a little more. It does what it says it will do – it stains you lips for awhile.

My biggest concern was with he smell. Although the brand claims that they use only natural ingredients in their line it smelled anything but natural. When I’ve opened the marker for the first time it actually did smell like a real marker (minus the alcohol smell). I don’t know about you ladies but I trust my nose. If it doesn’t quiet like it I won’t use the product or I will use it out of curiosity just once. I’m willing to try other products from this brand but hopefully it will be better than this marker.

The smell was the main reasons for me to pass on it.




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