5 mistakes you make that damage your skin


We all have few bad habits we wish we didn’t have that damage our skin. We know that smoking or keeping your makeup on at night is bad but sometimes our bad habits are not that obvious and that’s the type of habits I want to talk about today.


Picking at your face or acne is one of the worst things you can do to your face but you know that already. What I want to point out is that just resting your face on your hands while you are daydreaming or reading something on your laptop or falling asleep at boring meeting is equally bad for your skin. You don’t wash your hands after each time you pick up your phone to check Instagram feed, right? Our phones are the dirtiest things. Well if you think about it it does make sense – we take it with us everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). So all those germs end up on our faces and cause inflammation which is a real stress for your skin. Well I don’t wash my hands after each time I pick up my phone either but I have a pretty solid “no touching my face” rule unless I am washing off my makeup of applying it. It did take some practice because I am one of those people who rub their forehead while thinking intensively (like right now) but I did kick my bad habit in the end.


My skin is oily and I’ve been using wrong cleansers for years trying to get rid of all that oil getting absolutely an opposite effect. You see when you strip your skin from all the oil it produces it starts to produce even more oil to compensate which clogs your pores and cause even more inflammation/acne. Ironically oily skin is the most dehydrated skin as well because of all the alcohol that cleansers and lotions for oily skin have. It did take me some time to find the one that works for me. Unfortunately same products don’t work the same for everyone – what works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. Choosing the one that really works might take some trial and error method but whatever you choose remember that oily skin needs as much hydration (if not more) as any other skin type so choose wisely.


Exfoliation is good. It gets rid of dead skin cells, it removes dirt that is stuck inside your pores, it speeds up skin renewal process. Serums and moisturizers are better absorbed into your skin since no dirt or layers of dead cells are blocking it anymore. Your skin looks healthier and younger. The benefits are endless and since we all love that “baby skin” feel after a good exfoliation sometimes we tend to overuse it. Exfoliating your skin too often damages it more than it helps renew it. Skin has a natural barrier that can be literally scrubbed off your face leaving your skin vulnerable to sun damage and environmental toxins that can lead to premature aging. Two or three times a week is what dermatologist recommend. I exfoliate my face twice a week since I also use Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser which is a gentle everyday exfoliating cleanser. This combination seems to work pretty good for my oily skin  skin.


It is very important to moisturizer your skin regardless of your kin type but again it’s not exactly the news. The type of hydration I want to talk about is hydrating it from inside. Basically – DRINK YOUR WATER! You will be surprised what difference it will make. No matter how good your moisturizer is – if you don’t drink enough water your skin will look nothing but healthy. Let me throw some scientific facts here. Skin is the biggest organ so of course it needs to stay hydrated. When it doesn’t get enough water it means there’s  no sweat to wash away excess dirt and oil which accumulates on your skin causing all sorts of trouble. You know how they say that real beauty shines from inside? Well I think that is one of the things they meant.


Skin conditions depend a lot on genetics. That’s true. Some people can eat chocolate all day and still have radiant skin (true story by the way). Others (ahem!) will have that sugar all over their faces and I am not talking about while you eat it but days later. Of course sugar from a fruit is a totally different story than sugar from a candy bar. Again it is obvious – you want to eat less sugar eat less candies but what isn’t that obvious – sugar is really good at hiding or should I say companies that produce food are really good at hiding it in ingredient list. Truth is we consume lots of sugar without knowing it. If you need more facts you can check it here but I just want to give an example from my experience. My skin got better now that I take extra care of it but I do get breakouts with no obvious reasons now and then. So one day I decided to exclude processed sugar from my diet whatsoever. I ate healthy, cooked at home and by the end of the second week totally forgot about my decision but what I’ve noticed was my amazing looking skin. I kept thinking what did I do different those couple of weeks until I remembered. SO to treat my self I got my favorite cereal. I thought eating a cup of cereal a day shouldn’t effect my skin condition but I was wrong. Sure thing after couple of days my skin broke out. Just from one cup of cereal a day! Can you imagine?! Taking care of your skin is important but what is more important is what you eat.






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