Summer beauty essentials



Summer is the perfect time to relax and slack on your beauty routine. You definitely can do it once in awhile but taking care of your face, body and hair is still very important. Especially since you spend more time outside than usual soaking up that beautiful weather. It is not even that hard really since there are so many cool new products and brands to try. Like a beauty junkie like me needs another reason!




It’s been said and done so many times – USE YOUR SPF! Although SPF face lotions/moisturizers/BB & CC creams, etc. should be in your skin routine year round it is very important to use it in summer since you get so much more sun exposure during the season. Sun damage is number one reason for premature aging, so make SPF cream your friend. Find the one that works for you best and don’t forget to reapply.


Mist are my recent discovery although it might’ve been around longer than I know and it is my THE most favorite thing about my skin routine. I love, love, love face mists! Toners that I used before are just not the same. They don’t give you the same feeling of freshness that face mists do. The best time to use your mist is after the cleansing and exfoliating and before applying moisturizer or face oil. Oil or moisturizer is better absorbed by skin if used after face mist. You can also spray it over makeup or anytime you feel like just to refresh your skin. So yes, as you’ve probably guessed I do go through face mists very fast.




Sun exposure can lead to premature aging and even worse – cancer. I’ve never even worried about it until my very dear friend who was seemingly heathy and much younger than me got melanoma. It was scary! She is fine now but it definitely gave me some food for thought. I don’t wear body sunscreen every time I go out because I think a little bit of sun is good for you but if I am planning a long day on the beach SPF body cream is the first thing that goes to my beach bag.


If you are not such a big fan of sun tanning – join the club. Laying by the pool waiting to get tan is not my idea of a perfect leisure. I can do sea or an ocean but purely for meditation reasons rather than sun tanning though. So that is when self tanning products come to the rescue of impatient people like me. What I like most about it is that you can get very nice tan in just few hours. It does have some downsides but it really comes to personal choice. I’d rather not wear white for few days after I’ve applied tanning oil rather than spend hours trying to get sun tan. Also, be sure to check our my personal testimony about St. Tropez Tanning Oil.




Your hair needs protection from the sun as well. Especially if you are on vacation and spend a lot of time outside. Unlike skin your hair doesn’t turn red when it is exposed to the sun and it is hard to see the damage but only after three days of sun exposure your hair can become brittle and dry. Plus UV light can causes photo-oxidation, which lead to discoloration and fading in both color-treated and natural hair. So if you want to have a healthy locks stock up on those products.


I don’ think there is any other season when you wash your hair more often than usual than summer – after the pool, after a good run in humid weather, after long (sweaty) day outside, etc. Over-washing your hair washes off your hair natural moisture making it prone to breakage. Find a frequency that works best for you without over-washing and don’t forget to nurture your hair. There are so many cool products like leave-in hair conditioners and hair oils that makes it really easy anyways.




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