How to shop without breaking a bank


With our online lives we are constantly reminded about the things we don’t have that we need to buy – celebrity must-have sneakers, Kendall Jenner approved H&M top, Gigi Hadid favorite sunglasses you need in your wardrobe, etc, etc. List goes on and on and on. It can be very overwhelming. Me being a fashion blogger I am subscribed to a lot of online stores promotional emails that send me emails everyday about upcoming sales and must-have buys. If I didn’t have the guidelines I’ve created for myself the fact that I can’t have it all would make me a very miserable person. Today I’m sharing it with you guys.








It is very helpful to have lists when it comes to shopping. I personally have NEED IT and WANT IT (aka “fun shopping”) lists. I also divide NEED IT list onto NOW and LATER. Once I see something I like I put it in one of those categories and it helps me determine either to buy now or later or not to buy it at all. I might want to buy MIU MIU suede platform pumps that just went on sale with 55% discount at the OUTNET but do I really need it since I already have something like that? It is really about priorities and once you sorted them out it is much easier to shop.


My friends likes to make fun of me because when I buy something I always say “I was thinking to buy it for awhile now” but it is so true though. In the past I’ve been a very impulse buyer. I would buy a bad quality cheap clothes, wear it once and forget all about it. Now I am older and shopping wiser. Sometimes buying something feels like a real steal especially if it just went on sale. If it is not something you’ve been drooling over for awhile give it some time, think it over. Even if it is just going to a different store for a little bit. After a little consideration you might not even want it in the first place.


Sometimes there is something you really really like but it is not in your budget. Who am I kidding? I like things that are out of my budget all the time! But there are so many options nowadays there’s hardly any reasons to be upset about it. And there are some strategies too! You can wait till it goes on sale, search and compare prices online or simply buy a cheaper alternatives.


As Carrie Bradshaw said ” I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet”. Some pieces are worth spending money for even if you have to save for awhile to buy it. Plus apparently it is a real investment too! Bags like classic Chanel Flap bag don’t loose value over the years! If you treat it with care and respect it deserves you can even pass it on as a family heirloom.








dress: MICHAEL KORS // bag: FURLA

boots: GIANNI BINI (similar) // watch: MICHAEL KORS




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