Athleisure is a word


Indeed it is and you’ve been seeing the trend on the streets for awhile but now it’s gotten its own word and it is more popular than ever. I wouldn’t say it’s a new trend. Remember early 90s? Well I was a baby at that time too but thanks to Internet and never dying desire to explore fashion trends firmly placed those images in my head. Let me make it a little easier – Monica Geller and her dress and sneakers outfit in the first season of “Friends”? Here you go! So back to the topic, as I said I wouldn’t call it a new trend but who cares? It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s all I want to wear for the rest of my life! One moment though, you still want to put some effort into the outfit so it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed and put on whatever. You see effortless looks need some effort too. Cruel reality of life! So let me give you guys few ideas and inspire you a little.






 SNEAKERS & skirts

Of course you can wear sneakers with anything – jeans, shorts, etc. you name it but what I like about outfits with sneakers and skirts (or dresses for that matter) is that it is very sexy. Thanks to the trend you don’t have to be a tennis  player anymore to wear it that way and this is exactly what I had in mind styling this particular outfit. I wouldn’t overload it with too many accessories. Just a simple watch and a bag would do the trick.


This is another favorite of mine. It is so simple yet if you can make it just right, it will make you look so stylish! The outfit is very simple compared with the previous one where you can play with different colors and textures for top, skirt and sneakers. It doesn’t have a lot of elements so it can easily get boring. What I recommend is to accessorize and add something unexpected like a hat for example. Very urban stylish chick outfit. Love it!

SLIP-ON SNEAKERS & elevated outfits

What makes an outfit look interesting is (again) an unexpected element. You see slip-ons being worn with almost everything and there is nothing wrong with that but if you want to stand out in the crowd you’ve got to be creative! Wear it with a classic dress or a pencil skirt, add a clutch and cool earrings and bam! You are bound to turn heads for sure!








top: GAP // skirt: BCBGeneration // trainers: MICHAEL KORS

watch: SKAGEN // bag: MICHAEL KORS




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