How to stay motivated for a workout


I feel that it has been awhile since I wrote  fitness blog post though I’ve been committed to my workout plan more than ever, learning and trying new exercises, exploring Instagram for athletic beauties to follow. But just a month ago it was a totally different story – I’ve been feeling lazy but mostly uninspired to workout. In the end it tuned out to be a good experience though – I figured out the ways to keep me motivated and came up with this blog posts, which proves again that any experience is a good experience! It helped me to get back on track with my workouts and I hope it will help you too.



The trick that never failed to get my lazy butt off the couch and straight to the gym. Who wants to buy new sexy leggings and put it on the shelve? I don’t! I dress up for the gym as I would dress up for any other occasion. It is not about showing off (maybe a little) but mostly it is about feeling confident. When you feel confident you put all the distractions aside (except the one in the mirror maybe) and think less what others might think about you trying this new as-seen-on-Instagram-not-sure-how-to-do-it-right-I-look-ridiculous exercise (been there, done that). You try new things more willingly and you pay more attention to your workout. By the end of your workout you will forget that it was the new outfit that made you come to the gym in the first place. You’ll feel amazing and that feeling will make you come back for more. That is the whole point, because to be completely honest – yes, you love how you look in the mirror when you workout regularly but it is this rush of adrenaline after a great workout that makes you come back to the gym again and again.


New outfit is just the beginning. Yes, it got you off the couch and to the gym but the important thing is to stick around and make progress. That is when writing your progress down helps a lot (assuming you already have a workout program that you follow). I personally always write down my weights and reps so the next time I do the exercise I don’t have a deer-on-headlights moment when I stare at the weights trying to remember what I used the last time. Plus if you go to the gym regularly you know that you are making some progress but nothing is more motivating than seeing it in numbers written down on paper or on your phone. I used to do interval training 6 days a week (good old Insanity workout) and I’ve never even realized how far I’ve come until we did the same workout with my friends – they couldn’t even last a warm-up. That’s when I’ve remembered that I couldn’t either just few months ago and when I’ve realized that (bulb over the head) I probably should write my progress down.


Even the most beloved workout plan can get boring if you don’t add new elements to it and when boredom comes – motivation goes down. You might be able to force yourself for few more weeks or months but if you don’t change the situation – you will eventually stop working out. As I said earlier, whatever your reasons to start working out in the first place were, experienced gym goers will tell you that it’s that amazing after workout feeling that keeps you coming back. And also curiosity – what else your body can achieve. If your workout doesn’t keep up with your curiosity it WILL get boring eventually. I try to add new kind of exercise with different equipment with each workout. It keeps it interesting, plus doing different exercises works same muscles from different angles which is the key to progress. Don’t be afraid to try an exercise you never did before. I had embarrassing moments myself couple of times with new exercises but whatever! In the end what’s important is that I tried and it sure was interesting and fun.


I know it’s kind of an interesting point since I am talking about how to stay motivated for a workout but hey! That exactly is why you need to do it. As important as keeping up with your workout schedule is, sometimes you need to slow things down and simply be lazy. It is something I’ve definitely struggled with for awhile. “Why waist one day if you can go workout?” I would dismiss my tiredness as laziness and force myself to workout even harder. I was so focused on progress I didn’t give my body and mind time to recover. I would work myself out to the ground and then quit for a week or two feeling completely useless. The key to success is to understand when you feel lazy and when your body is telling you it needs time to recover and let me tell you – it is not an easy task, especially for such a perfectionist and hardass like me but I’ve learned it the hard way. Sometimes you need a well deserved lazy week to recover and it is not a crime to take some time off (you hear that consciousness!) so you would come back with more motivation and energy than ever.












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