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Phones can be so distracting! It’s like this joke about Internet that you only needed 5 minutes to check something on the web, after 5 minutes 2 hours of your time is gone. It is the same with all the phone apps as well. At least for me it is sometimes – want to reply on Instagram comments, 40 minutes later I’m checking wallpapers for lock screen – but I am getting better. That’s why I only keep the apps that I use a lot and it’s all divided into few screens – productivity, learning and entertainment. Some of the apps I use more than others, of course and, to be completely honest, would be lost without them. Here’s my list.




I won’t say I tried them ALL but I did try quite a few organizers and calendar apps but I’ve always come back to this one. What I liked most about it is the simple design. Other apps that I tried synced with my reminders and Todoist as well but the designs were a little too crowded for me. I also like the fact that when you have your calendar open on a date, it is divided into two parts and when you click on an event it shows all it’s information on the right side. It also is easier to edit the event (compared to other apps) if you need to and the best part of it all – it’s completely free.


Todoist is the best for keeping all your to-do lists. I use Apple’s reminders as well but I use it for things like payment reminders and grocery shopping lists, as for Todoist it is all professional, all about blog work and projects. It is great for team work as well, since you can assign tasks to people and add comments to the tasks. The most helpful feature for me though is the ability to add website pages as the tasks to my projects and the fact that I am able to open those pages from the app directly later on. Very useful when I do a research for a blog post and such. You can add labels and filters to your tasks as well. It also offers Apple Watch app. (Click here for the link)


I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for an app like this. I think I wanted it before it was even available on the market. It is my #1 app for creativity and writing process. Basically it is like Apple Pages plus all kinds of cool features. Honestly, it’s got it all – you can take a picture and add it to the page (or add a photo from your phone/tablet’s library) and draw or type right next to it. All on the same page. Oh, and did I mention that you can also add web clips and sticky notes to the same pages as well? This application is everything a creative person can ask for and it is priced quite reasonably at $7.99 for iPad and iPhone version and $5.99 for Mac version. To tell you a secret, I would pay more. (Click here for the link)




So here is where I can tell I tried them all. Well, MOST of them at least. I am not a “bring-your-pen-and-paper-to-the-gym” kind of gal, the least I have to carry around, the better. And for a long time I wrote down my exercises and progress in Evernote but it is definitely not the most practical app to use when you are at the gym and all you need is to write down your progress weight. I do still use it to keep my workout plans and summaries but Gymaholic is the app I use when I am at the gym. I create workout plans before hand so all I need is to send it to my Apple Watch once I’m ready to workout. It is super easy to use on your watch as well. Once you are done, you save your workout and send it back to your phone so it can be added to your history. (Click here for the link)


I haven’t been running a lot lately since I am mostly concentrating on weight lifting at the moment but when I run I use this app and have been for couple of years. I like to keep all my runs and routes in check and this is the app for me. You can add your friends if they use the same app and check their workouts as well, or challenge them to run extra mile and compete against each other. During the run it gives you audio feedback on your current pace and miles ran. But running is not the only type of workout that you can track and log. You can also track treadmill walks, stairs, cycling, yoga, kickboxing and much much more. I used it for running mostly but since I’ve discovered this feature (after couple of years, duh) I think it will be a nice addition to my fitness apps since I usually don’t track stairs workout or walking. (Click here for the link)


 For me it is yoga app at its best – slick and simple design, nothing extra to distract your mind, super easy to navigate. There’s STUDIO where you have your downloaded classes; CLASSES with collections of ready-made classes that you can download (total of 65) and custom classes that you can create yourself; POSES with all the poses you can think of (I like to go through them once in awhile and read the descriptions to make sure I do it right) and SCHEDULE. My favorite feature is the custom classes. You add poses from the collection and when you play it it is actually like a regular class with background music and a lovely lady showing you how to do the pose. You can also choose between ready-made background music or add your custom playlist. Although I have been using Ambient Flute for the background as long as I’ve had this app and I’m still not tired of it. If you are a beginner and don’t know what to start with I definitely would recommend this app. I wish I found it earlier. (Click here for the link)




Good morning app is basically an alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker app and I don’t know the exact technology behind it, I have no idea how it is possible for my phone to sense my movements or whatever it senses but I can tell you this much – it WORKS! Never have I woken up feeling so rested and ready for the day. The alarm clock analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep during 30 minute window before the wakeup time you set. It also provides weekly sleep statistics so you can track your sleep debt, hours slept and quality of your sleep, eventually helping you to improve sleep quality. (Click here for the link)


Whatever helps me concentrate better on my tasks and do a better job at whatever I am doing I will take it! Have been hearing all the amazing reviews about meditation I had to try it for myself. I still have a lot to learn but so far it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I can only imagine what amazing places this new habit will take me if I am already feeling such a great impact on my life after only few months of mediation! Honestly, it should be mandatory! Most people don’t even know what they are missing out. This app is great for beginners like me. It has several courses that teaches you the basics of meditation and collections of meditations – BE HEALTHY for stress, pain, anxiety relief and better sleep; BE AWESOME for happiness, performance and confidence and more. All you need is 2 to 10 minutes of your time everyday and I can promise you it WILL make you a happier person for sure. (Click here for the link)


Success, happiness and fulfillment starts in your mind. I believe that it is very important to take as good care of your psychological health as you do of your physical health, giving yourself few good minutes of relaxation is being a great part of it. I discovered this app about 1,5 years ago and was  hooked right away. Nothing like sounds of nature to achieve the ultimate relaxation or concentration whatever you are going for at the moment. You can combine you favorite sound and save it to your favorites. There’s a lot of sounds to choose from. There’s also guided meditation (only available in English at the moment). I am not crazy about the design but it has all the features I need and I don’t know any other app that can beat that. (Click here for the link)

What are you favorite apps?



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