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Today instead of giving advices on how to wear this and that I wanted to talk about something unrelated to an outfit post instead, and related at the same time. I wanted to talk about the importance of giving yourself a time-off, even if it is from work that happened to be your favorite thing in the world. That is where it gets tricky, actually.

Judging from my own experience, most of the time I am so into shooting, editing photos, creating new blog posts, Intagramming, Snapchatting, planning outfits etc. time just flies by and sometimes I can find myself being so overwhelmed by the end of the day that I barely have any energy left for a workout or some housework. It is still not the worse scenario though. Couple of times I found myself being depressed and uninspired. How can I fall out of love with the only thing I know how to do best and that keeps me going in this life? Of course, it only happened because I was a little more stressed out than usual. Sure thing I figured it out pretty fast (thanks to four years of psychology classes in college). But that was an emergency time-out. If I didn’t take it back than, maybe I wouldn’t be blogging now.



The worst part is not knowing when the muse will strike back


 The worst part is not knowing when the muse will strike back but it is something you learn to deal with when you are doing something creative. Pushing it never helped anybody and learning how to let go and wait patiently is the hardest thing to do. So it is better not to come to the point when you need that emergency time-out.

I realize that I get too excited about everything I do with blogging. It is really hard to stop and take a time-off. Who has time to rest if you have five planned blog posts to write, or why lounging around if you can be productive working on your career?! Well, truth is, “you can only climb as hard as you rest”. It’s a rock climbing expression and a very important saying I’m learning to live by.

Another thing is, sometimes you might be resting but your mind is still wondering about the work you need to get done with or worrying about absolutely unrelated things and checking your favorite blogger’s Instagram isn’t exactly helping you to relax.



I came to a conclusion that apparently “turning your mind off” or better say “redirecting your thoughts to a happier, calmer place” is an art to master and it requires a LOT of practicing and a little bit of planning. Here are my few steps to a peaceful mind and mindful rest.

  • plan your rest

As weird as it mind sound it actually works. When I know that I will be reading this particular book or watching this particular movie I feel that I start getting excited about it before it is “rest time” and my mind slowly but surely switches to that rest mode.

  • turn off you electronic devices

Technology brings a lot of convenience to our lives but it can also bring a lot of anxiety as well. There are always so many things going on in the world, and technology brings it all to the palm of your hand which makes you fell that if you snooze you loose, or even worse – miss something! So learn how to rest with a company of a book or a magazine instead.

  • “no-work” zone

My “no-work” zone is my bedroom. I never bring my laptop and blogging to bed with me. I think it is very important because if you’ve created that relaxation zone in your home, your brain automatically knows what to do when you walk into that particular room. Only use it for relaxation and decorate it with candles and oil diffusers. Believe me, you’ll never want to do anything else over there but chill.








jacket: BCBGeneration (similar) // top: GAP // skirt: BANANA REPUBLIC

booties: LACOSTE // bag: MARC by MARC JACOBS

watch: APPLE // earrings: SWAROVSKI



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