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It just happened that when I was visiting my parents for a month last October I ran out of my moisturizer. I am very specific about what I put on my face since my skin can get super oily in no time and stay like that for while, even if I discontinue the use of the product that caused the oiliness in the first place. My skin takes time to get back to “normal’. The brand that I use (which is Drunk Elephant) is not widely available in Russia (if available at all) so I was left with two options – either risk it and try something I never tried before or use my Face Oil as a moisturizer instead day and night. I chose not to risk it.

All I used morning and night was Josie Maran Argan Oil and the results left me speechless


I talked about this brand here and here before but I don’t mind talking about it again, since it is one of my favorite beauty brands of all times that has amazing products and great philosophy to back them up. I believe in good cause behind the brand and that is one of the things that makes Josie Maran so great.

Josie Maran launched her natural cosmetics line back in 2007, “self-funding the entire operation, after investors laughed at her business idea”. All of the products in her line are based on argan oil, which is produced by co-oops of Moroccan women. The company’s motto is “luxury with the conscience” which, I though, was pretty neat the first time I saw it. We, as customers, want something that is not only good for our skin but also is not destroying the planet and that’s what Josie is all about. She is committed to protecting and improving the environment. How can you not help such a great cause? Plus all her products are so luxurious and amazing that it makes it the easiest thing to do.

All Maran’s products are natural and eco-friendly. The product line ranges from body and skin care to makeup. All products has argan oil as a main ingredient which can do miracles to your skin.



I usually use Face Oil for my nighttime routine, right after the mist and before I apply the moisturizer. Sometimes I would skip moisturizer all together if I was feeling lazy and I tended to omit the oil in the mornings since it needed time to be absorbed by the skin and who has time in the mornings?! But after I was left with no choice whatsoever and since I was on vacation anyways (no morning rush, no place to be and look pretty – at least in the morning), all I used morning and night was Josie Maran Argan Oil and the results left me speechless.

The first thing I’ve noticed was that my skin got less oily at the T-zone (the weirdest thing ever) and my whole complexion started to look healthier and younger. Still not realizing it was my skin benefiting from Argan Oil I though my mom might be feeding me something healthy (although it wasn’t even close to that – crepes and Russian pies most of the time, oh, how I miss those!). It wasn’t until I got back to US and my usual diet that I realized what was the real deal. My skin looked AMAZING – moisturized, even toned and not oily at all. Sure there is always a little bit of the oil left on your face that doesn’t get absorbed but it is a quick fix – just use some blotting paper (my favorite is form TATCHA) and you are good for makeup application!

The benefits of argan oil has been knows for ages (oils in general, actually) and still we fall into the marketing trap believing that moisturizer can do better. Well, I am not saying that moisturizers are bad per se but as it turns out, it is something you can actually skip if you are on a tight budget. My advice – invest into a quality oils instead and your skin will thank you for it.






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