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My dear readers!

First of all I would like to apologize for disappearing for so long! I can come up with thousand of excuses but what really happened was that busy life got the best of me. Things came on top of each other – new job, my birthday, Christmas, moving to a new much bigger place that needed redecorating, etc., etc.

Unfortunately I did not master it the way I would like it and I missed blogging every day more than anything, hoping to start next day, next week, soon but the list of errands kept on adding, preventing me from even starting to plan new posts. But finally the new home looks presentable and I am an expert in assembling IKEA furniture so you know (if anyone needs any help at all). My work schedule is more or less constant so I can plan my blog work around it and I can dedicate myself to blogging once again. You have no idea how happy it makes me! Not being able to do what I love doing the most definitely is a terrible thing there is. Do more what makes you happy! Right?!


So back to the favorite thing! I’ve been dying to photoshoot this faux fur coat since the day I first laid my eyes on it and bought it about a month and a half ago. It is such a beautiful coat and you definitely can rely on it even during the coldest weather. I know. I tried! As fancy as it looks don’t let it intimidate you! You can either dress it up or down depending on your outfit of the moment and I will show you how next week.


I used to hate winters when I was in college but nowadays not so much



I used to hate winters when I was in college because usually I would have two or three (if I’m lucky) winter coats and that’s it (not that many styling options) but not so much nowadays. I try to buy one or two winter coats every season to add to my collection so I have more options and don’t have to reinvent my wardrobe every year. This coat was one of those purchases and it is on super sale now!



Another recent purchase was this beautiful Michael Kors Sloan. It is as close as I could get to Chanel Flap bag for now (we all know where Michael got the inspo for this bag) and although it is a much more affordable version compared to original Chanel it is none the less a great bag – the leather is super soft, all the stitching and hardware is done perfectly and it is such a joy to carry it around.


My favorite way to wear the coat is with flared jeans. I’ve been obsessing with flared pants and jeans since summer. Discovered the 70s fashion trends all over again for myself and been falling in love with it!

The ones I’m wearing is another yet purchase from Michael Kors. Although they are from the resort collection, it is something you definitely can wear right now and later on in Spring and Summer. At least those are my plans for the pair. I’ve been really loving it.



top // jeans // faux fur coat // bag // booties: MICHAEL KORS

earrings // bangle: SWAROVSKI


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