How to shop smart

January and February are my favorite months to shop for basic winter clothes – either it is a wool sweater, a sweater dress or a winter coat. All the retailers are trying to get rid off their winter stuff and get ready for Spring hence all the sales.

Of course, if you want something trendy during Fall/Winter season and absolutely cannot wait for the sales to start it’s no harm (except for your wallet maybe) but if you are shopping for basics it is your time!

Things like cashmere sweaters and winter boots still will be very stylish next winter season I’m sure and you won’t need to pay a fortune for it!


I definitely don’t mind saving few hundreds so I can buy more shoes – women’s logic!

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t only shop sales but I definitely don’t mind saving few hundreds so I can buy more shoes later or put it in my dream bag fund. Women’s logic… Believe me, it surprises me too!

But there is a little trick when shopping winter sales. Some of the clothes are worth buying, some are not. Like cold-shoulder sweaters and dresses that’s been very on point this last couple of months or any clothes that are trendy at the moment. I would not advice on buying it.

Mostly because it is not exactly practical. You might suffer right now getting “cold shoulders” for the sake of fashion but you might not want to next winter when it is not so trendy anymore.

So what is worth spending your money for during winter sales? I’ve got you covered! Keep on scrolling.


Cashmere sweater are the best choice obviously because right now they are probably as cheap-er as they get. I usually go for basic colors like black, grey, beige or white. Good quality wool sweater are a good choice as well.


The puffer coats has been around since I was in high school and something is telling me they are not going anywhere anytime soon. The styles don’t chance a lot either from season to season. So $35 for a puffer jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch? I’ll take it!



My most worn everyday, everywhere winter boots would have to be the UGGs. I’ve had few pairs for couple of years and they are still my favorite. They are super comfortable, super warm – everything you need in a boot for a off duty fashion blogger errands runs.

SOREL is a  great choice as well. Another kind of boots that’s been around for awhile, rescuing fashion girls during slushy snow days. Get a pair right now and you are all set for next winter Colorado trip!


The biggest challenge during winter sales is, of course, finding something you like in your size. But I guess it is a “price” you have to pay for buying something cheaper. It is a little easier with accessories – hats and mittens are more or less one size.

If you like to “match” your bags with weather – buying handbags and backpacks with fur inserts now is a good idea.


coat: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH // dress: BCBGMaxazria // belt: BCBGMaxazria