Here comes the sun


2017 Edition


Have you been enjoying your first few weeks of Spring? I definitely have although the weather here is so indecisive. The day I was shooting this post it called for UGG boots and warm sweaters and the day before that wearing sandals and rompers would be an appropriate outfit for the day. Anyhow just the fact that it is Spring makes me feel a little warmer even if it’s 40F outside and I’m only wearing t-shirt and leather jacket.

I am not a big fan of layering – the less I wear the better. My minimalistic soul demands that. Usually I go for interesting cuts and quality fabrics instead and keep it interesting with details. Although lately I’ve been interested in some prints that usually would make my head spin. Could that be a new chapter? We shall see but for now my Spring Essentials List is very minimalistic and monochrome when it comes to color.




LEATHER JACKET   Since almost the day I started this blog I’ve been saying what an amazing piece of clothing the leather jacket is. I’ve been wearing mine so often I’m considering buying another one so I don’t ruin the one I already have. 

TRENCH COAT   Is yet another enduringly versatile piece. You can dress it down or dress it up – wear it with jeans and sneakers or a romantic flowy dress and heels. 


TURTLENECK   Spring weather is indecisive, so I like to be on a safe side and wear turtlenecks and light sweaters. It keeps you warm (when worn under a jacket or a coat) if it’s chilly and still keeps you comfortable if it gets a little hot under a Spring sun.

LIGHT SWEATER   The light sweaters are ideals for Spring when it’s too warm for bulky winter sweaters but not yet warm enough for t-shirts and blouses. Again mine are mostly black and grey since it is a very nice basic to which you can add all other fun elements like statement necklace or bright colored pants. 








LEATHER LEGGINGS   Just plain leather leggings, with no cutouts or fabric inserts. I’ve had mine for a year and every time I wear it, I get complemented on my outfit. The fact that you can wear them with sneakers or high heels is another great feature. Plain as leather leggings are they can make any outfit look fashionable.

HIGH-WAIST JEANS   Baby blue, high-waisted jeans. That’s what I’ve been coveting for the last few months and they are so perfect for the warm weather outfits. I plan on wearing it with leather jacket, plain white tank top and white sneakers or high heels and light sweater tucked in.






CHELSEA BOOTS   Trend that emerged just couple of seasons ago is here to stay I think. At least I hope it will. I do believe it is a trend worth investing into either you want to splurge and go with ALEXANDER WANG booties or save up and buy a less expensive version.  


WHITE SNEAKERS   Do I even need to add anything here? The only disadvantage of white sneakers is that you have to keep them white. If it is something you are struggling with go with nude ones like this LACOSTE sneakers which a little easier to maintain. 


MICHAEL KORS leather jacket // BANANA REPUBLIC t-shirt // DOLCE & GABBANA trousers// MICHAEL KORS boots // GUESS sunglasses// MICHAEL KORS bag







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