Spring clean your mind


Things we do and don’t do that result in loss of our precious energy and how to avoid it


For most of us Spring starts with spring cleaning of our homes, closets, etc. It’s important to get rid of all the stuff that’s been accumulating for a year and that is the tradition I’ve been keeping religiously but this year I had a though – why not start with your head? Get rid of all the thoughts that’s been bothering you, make commitment to yourself and plan how to live a more active, joyful and mindful life.

Have you ever give it a thought how exactly you spend your energy throughout the day? Sometimes you wake up in a great mood, have your breakfast, by the time you get to work you feel so exhausted like you’ve been unloading a truck or something. Where did all that energy go? Your thoughts are a good place to start looking. If you think about it it all makes perfect sense. Our brain uses 20% of all our energy. Negative thoughts use big part of that energy and give nothing in return. But it is not only bad thought that spoil our lives. There’s more to it, of course.





Draining our energy is something we are all guilty of and I am not an exception myself. What I’ve discovered in the past few years (or starred noticing if you will, once I paid more attention to my state of mind) is that not all activities create the same energy. Which is obvious once you put it like this on the paper (or the screen in this case). Some activities create that positive and happy attitude, others drain your energy and leave you feeling empty and depressed.








* avoid


Living a sane life in the world where everyone seems to do better than you according to social media is not an easy task. The amount of pressure it puts on us is unbelievable and yet we can’t stop scrolling.

At some point I’ve realized that no matter what I do and how hard a work, I still don’t fell satisfied. It went on for awhile until I’ve realized something else. When I look back at my work after couple of months I am amazed sometimes at myself and how good some of it turned out but once I start comparing it with other peers’ work all that proud feeling melts as quickly as the first snow. Comparing yourself with others can be motivational but if it puts you down – change your point of view a little and that’s what I did. Social media is amazing for generating ideas and getting inspired. So use it as such.





“What you think you become” Buddha

Of all the ways to create a constant negative thinking and negative energy along with it, rumination is probably the worst, or should I say the best?! It can make you depressed and in worst cases lead to a serious psychological disorder, let alone drain your energy. The only way to avoid it as I found out so far, is to learn how to control your mind and be aware of your thoughts.









* practice


Mindfulness is really on trend right now but of course it is so much more than just a trend. It’s a way of life but why aren’t we more mindful? When you are mindful you are utterly honest with yourself and honesty can be painful because it makes you realize a lot of things you’d rather store in the back of your mind. The most important of it all probably is that your state of life and mind either fulfilled and happy or depressed and empty is your responsibility – not the circumstances or the people that surround you but your own actions and attitude.

Creating this fulfilled state of mind is a never ending process but you get better with practice. It’s just like creating a good habit. Bad habits (like negative thinking) stick easy, good habits take time to develop and maintain.





We train our bodies to be stronger and faster and those of you who workout knows that it takes time and patience to achieve the results that you desire. Meditation is a workout for your brain in some way as well. It gives you a piece of mind but most importantly it teaches you how to control it.

My experience with meditation started two years ago. At some point I’ve realized that I am much more calmer and peaceful. It took awhile to put two and two together that it was a result of meditation. The thing about meditation though is that you won’t be able to see the difference right away. It only occurs to you when you don’t react to some situations the way you used to.

Our lives and our minds are our responsibility and it all starts with understanding what thoughts run through our minds on the daily basis and how we spend it.

“Watch your thoughts; for they become words. Watch your words; for they become actions. Watch your actions; for they become habits. Watch your habits; for they become character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny.” Lao Tzu











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