Perfume collection. Part I


Black Orchid by TOM FORD


It has been hard for me to stick around one (or even two or three) perfumes for a long time. I seem not to be able to commit. At first I get super excited about a perfume and just after a couple of months it looses all its charms. I start looking for something new and exciting while my not so long ago favorite fragrance is getting dusty on my dressing table

It got even more complicated over the years. As it turns out, I have to love the bottle as much as the perfume itself for me to buy it. It does somewhat makes sense. It will be sitting on my dressing table for a while and I will have to look at it every time I do my makeup or apply my skin care. So I might as well enjoy looking at it.

I haven’t been able to find anything that would tick all the boxes on my check list for quite a while. To be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly looking. The perks of online shopping is that you always get little extras with your purchase. My number one choice among those extras is usually a perfume sample. Even though I wasn’t looking for a new perfume, a sample is always more than welcome.

Thanks to that marketing strategy my perfume sample collection consists of about 50 samples and counting. I could live with that but I guess there’s a right time for everything. Here I was – spraying a sample of Black Orchid every time I passed by Sephora until it started to feel ridicules. It was time to invest in a perfume!





Everything before it seemed too boring and ordinary. Something I’ve already smelled and used and got tired of. This Tom Ford perfume is definitely hitting the spot. The bottle is simple yet elegant. Do I even need to mention it’s in my favorite color?! It is something that you would be proud to display on your dressing table. The perfume itself might be a little heavy for a Spring/Summer everyday use but it’s perfect for an occasion or a date night. In other words – it’s very special!









Everything before it seemed like something I’ve already smelled, used and got tired of




I’ve embraced unisex trend in perfumes with all my heart. Finally there are a lot of choices for men perfume lovers like me. I did start getting a feeling that my man was starting to loose his patience with me stealing his perfumes.

I do have my eye on couple more perfumes for my collection update. Something I’ve already purchased (Le Labo – my recent discovery) and something that is still on my list and not on my dressing table yet (Maison Margiela, Byredo, Diptyque, etc.). I’ve been loving almost every perfume Maison Margiela makes and the one on my list is ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk. I think its fresh scent notes will be perfect for hot Summer days as an everyday perfume.

I believe that you should match your fragrance to an occasion, the weather and your mood. You should at least have three perfumes – one for everyday use, one for special occasion and one because you deserve it!




Like everything else in life I was taking my time to choose a perfume and took it seriously. What I’ve realized is that no matter how much you like it at first only time will show if it’s going to be your favorite. So far I only have one that I am sure I will repurchase once it is finished. It is Calvin Klein ‘Euphoria’. It has been my favorite for over six years and I still love it every time I use it. Right now I prefer perfumes that are a little masculine. I am so glad I finally found a direction to follow and the kind of perfumes I want to commit to to grow my collection. 


shirt: BCBGMaxazria // skirt: BANANA REPUBLIC 

necklace: H&M (similar) // lipstick: Russian Red by MAC





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