Perfume collection. Part II


Santal 33 by Le Labo


Couple of months ago I’ve made a goal to give it a piece of mind and finally figure out what kind of perfumes I like. So I am continuing the perfume theme on the blog and this time I will be talking about the second choice for my collection. My decision couldn’t come at a more perfect time. New season is a perfect excuse to splurge on a new perfume, to add to your already existing collection or change it entirely like in my case.

I’ve started updating my perfume collection with ‘Black Orchid Eau de Toilette’ by Tom Ford. You can read about it in this blog post. I would say it is more of an evening fragrance and I am still on a lookout for a perfect everyday one. I’ve been considering “REPLICA” Beach walk’ by Maison Marguela or loved by everyone ‘Mojave Ghost’ by BYREDO. That is still to be decided. I also mentioned Le Labo – my recent discovery, in the previous blog post, which I will be talking about more today.







The post is a little different from the previous one. Here I will be sharing my insights and tips on how to choose a perfume and how to keep loving it after purchasing. I am a nerd by nature, we all know that. But before I dive into all tips, tricks and advices let me tell you a little bit about Le Labo.


le labo





Le Labo is a New York based perfume house founded in 2006 by Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi. It is famous for handmade perfumes and home scents that are available in a limited numbers. Doesn’t that feel special? The fragrance collection consists of 15 perfumes (I counted). Santal 33 being “The Perfume You Smell Everywhere” by New York Times Magazine!







My aquentance with the perfume started when I got a sample of it with my online purchase. After awhile I’ve realized I kept going back for it over and over again. The scent mesmerized and hypnotized me (and continues to do so). In the end I’ve decided to sit down and figure out what the heck Le Labo is and why I prefer it more than anything else I have in my ever growing collection of perfume samples. If you haven’t read my previous post, I have close to 50 fragrance samples so far and counting.
The moment I checked Le Labo website I knew I struck gold. I loved everything! From website design to the philosophy. I’ve ordered the perfume without a single doubt in my head. There was no way it would disappoint me!


Let me tell you, it is the first perfume I ever bough in a blink of an eye. Usually I count all pros and cons for quite some time until the struggle becomes so real I drop it all together. Even the price tag did not scare me away. It is more than I am used to paying for a perfume. $180 for 1.7 ml is nothing near cheap but it was worth spending every single penny.




I am looking forward to discovering other Le Labo creations in the near future. Conveniently enough Le Labo offers discovery sets of 5 samples or their entire collection of 15 samples. Brilliant idea in my opinion. The price tag for 15 samples discovery kit is almost the same as a price for a bottle of perfume. But let me remind you, my friends,  the thrill of discovering something new is priceless! Isn’t that right?!







I like to take my time choosing anything actually. Especially something that looks like an investment to me. The perfumes fall into that category. What I like to do is take few perfumes at a time. I’d try everything and anything. Even if I think I won’t like it. Two or three fragrances is a good number to start. If you try too many at a time, you only going to end up with a headache and total frustration. I’d spray a perfume, give it a little time, walk around and then try another one.


If you still like it after 10-15 minutes and got a couple compliments on it along the way – go for it!


Don’t rush. Get a sample if you can. I am absolutely in love with the idea most of the brands/shopping websites seem to adopt nowadays. You can add a free perfume sample with your online purchase. Sephora and Nordstrom are really good at that.

If it is not an option and you need to buy a perfume right away, spray a little bit and give it a little time. May be visit another store while still paying attention if you like how the perfume smells on you. If you still like it after 10-15 minutes and got a couple compliments on it along the way – go for it!






The golden rule is to apply a fragrance on your pulse points:
– temples
– neck
– collarbone
– inside of elbows and
– knees
The reason for that is, a perfume works much better on pulse point because the molecules interact directly with your skin. Spraying a perfume on clothes can leave water marks and it won’t last twice as long. Make sure you don’t use too much of it though. You don’t want the smell to be overpowering. Have respect for other people noses.
Since most of my perfumes are spray types, I prefer to spray my perfumes on the tips of my fingers first and then apply it on the pulse points. I feel that it gives me more control of how much I actually apply. Whatever is left on my finger tips, I rub gently through my hair. Fragrance launch onto fiber, so your hair is a great place to finish.
* Perfumes contain alcohol so make sure you don’t use too much of it on your hair, since alcohol can dry your hair out.
* A good thing to keep in mind is that a perfume will last longer on a moisturized skin. So make sure you use some kind of lotion after shower.







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