The Blazer Dress



There is nothing I like more than a versatile piece of clothing. I keep saying it again and again that as much as I like to dress up, I want to be able to wear my clothes more than once. Too often in the past, I would buy shoes and clothes, wear it for one occasion and let it collect dust in my closet. It is sad. Because of the money you spend on it but mostly the time and effort you put in to find it. 



We can even make our boyfriends’ t-shirts look sexy! We have that kind of power!



I am much more conscious of my time now than I used to be before. That’s why I always have a list of clothing and footwear to buy for upcoming seasons. It makes my life and shopping so much more easier!

To be completely honest with you, I think there is nothing sexier than a blazer dress. Yes, a mini dresses can be sexy, or a cold shoulder, for example, but nothing whispers sexy like the blazer dress does. Partly because it looks like menswear and what can look more seductive on a woman than menswear? We can even make our boyfriends’ t-shirts look sexy! Yes, ladies! We have that kind of power!




I little history note for you here. It is hard to tell who came up with the blazer dress first. Even a little digging on the internet didn’t clarify it for me. But whenever I think about menswear and who made it work for women – Yves Saint Laurent comes to mind first. Whoever it was they knew what they are doing!



I’ve decided to put it on my ‘BECAUSE I DESERVE IT’ list and went ahead and bought it



I like versatile clothing, something you can wear with different outfits, different footwear and for any occasion. This one wasn’t exactly оn my list but I fell in love with it the minute I tried it on nonetheless. I did debate for a little if it was worth spending money. I didn’t really need anything like that in my wardrobe. Something I’d wear only for couple of times. Although it’s gorgeous, it’s a blazer dress! How many different outfits can you wear it with? It is not exactly a practical piece. All those thoughts were running through my mind, making the decision harder than it should be.
In the end I gave up. I do appreciate my attitude towards the practical side of clothing but after all aren’t you suppose to have fun dressing up?! So I’ve decided to put it on my “BECAUSE I DESERVE IT” list and went ahead and bought it. I figured although I probably would not wear it as much as my leather jacket, for example, some clothes are not meant to.






How to Style It and Love It


What I realized soon after was that there are quite a few ways you can wear that blazer/dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be high heels. Although high heels definitely elevate the look and make it very sophisticated and sexy. My favorite everyday look is with black fitted pants and black high heels. I wear it for work and get complements every time. It never failed.

My favorite kind of outfits includes sneakers, of course. It will look quite interesting with white longer shorts and white sneakers. Pair it with oversized sunglasses and let your hair down for an elevated everyday outfit. A perfect look for chilly summer days. Make sure the shorts are the dressy kind and tailored. You want to keep that tailored look and not look sloppy.











After purchasing the blazer/dress (I think this is the most appropriate way to call it, exactly with a slash) I took it home and it hung in my closet for awhile. Until one day we decided to go out for drinks and I had nothing to wear. Typical situation. I put it on while I was deciding what pants/skirt I wanted to wear it with and then I saw myself in the mirror. You see, I thought of it as a blazer. I tried it on with my black pants at the store, never realizing that I can totally make it work as a blazer dress! The outfit was screaming sexy glamour! I loved it the way it was and didn’t want to change or add anything at all (except for black tights).


BLACK TIGHTS  The only appropriate way to wear a short, somewhat formal blazer/dress like this is with the tights, on my opinion. Without them I felt that I was naked. It is definitely an evening outfit so it calls for tights!

HIGH HEELS  I chose to wear simple, almost unnoticeable heels. Simply because you don’t want to take attention away from the blazer/dress. It deserves to be noticed! Plus those Jimmy Choo’s are super comfortable even if you wear it all night.



BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer dress// JIMMY CHOO shoes // MICHAEL KORS bag // FOREVER 21 earrings







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