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How to achieve the glowy look


A trend setting handbag, a beautiful piece of jewelry is a nice accessories but nothing comes even close to a healthy glowing skin. It is something we all are trying to achieve, tirelessly spending our efforts and money. It is a battle with imperfections, weather condition, stress, etc.

I myself is alway a work in progress. Never had a perfect skin, or nothing even close, or at least, I never thought I did, until my girlfriend complemented my skin. Maybe I am doing something right after all. Like any woman I do have my tips, tricks and favorite products that I rely on during not-so-happy days for my skin.



I’ve started to take a much better care of my skin in the last couple of years. You do get wiser with years. Moisturizers and mists everyday, couple of times a day go without saying, of course. But masks and peels are a regular in-home spa treatments. Exfiloating is important!* But no matter how much care I take of my skin, it still can get under the weather from time to time. When this happens I rely on my favorite products to make it look better than it feels that day. Today I am sharing those products with you.

*I will be posting the review of my favorite home peels pretty soon

the prepping







Prepping your skin is as important as the makeup itself. If you want your makeup to last longer and look as close to what it looked like the minutes after you appled it throughout the day – never skip this step!




PRIMER Primer helps prolong the “life” of your makeup and it is the step I follow religiously. I’ve used quite a few primers – expensive and not so much. The problem that I found with most of them is that it dries my skin a lot. Even the expensive brands fall into that category. The best one I’ve used so far is ‘THE ORDINARY High-Spreadability Fluid Primer’. You need just a tiny bit of it. It feels very moisturizing on my skin and for $ 7.50 it’s a STEAL.


SETTING SPRAY In the days of such technological advances you have high expectation for your products. For example, moisturizer shouldn’t just be a moisturizer, it has to have SPF to protect your skin and lots of healthy benefits, etc. It is true for all skincare products. We are always looking for something extra. This mist is exactly that. It is packed with antioxidants, collagen amino acids and vitamin C that hydrate you skin and protect it from environmental stress. It also smells incredible! The uplifting citrusy smell sets my makeup and my mood for the day.






the products






t h e    n e c e s s i t i e s


FOUNDATION The foundation of any good makeup is a good foundation. How is that for a sentence?! I’ve purchased LANCÔME Teint Idole Ultra Liquid Foundation six months ago and been loving it ever since. It is medium to full coverage and I still need to use a little extra to conceal the signs of sleepless night if it happened to be the case. Overall it is a great foundation and I highly recommend it.


CONTOURING I almost never skip contouring. I like defined cheekbones. I’ve tried few palettes before purchasing ‘ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Contour Kit’. Mine is light to medium and I really like it. It is very ‘concentrated’ (that is the best way to describe it), so you have to use it sparingly. I also have ‘COVER FX Contour Kit’ which is a cream based. I rotate those two depending on my mood. Both are great palettes.

HIGHLIGHTER My favorite highlighter is from ‘GLOSSIER‘. Is is simply AMAZING! The moment I’ve tried it I felt like that kid who covered his face with an ice-cream. I wanted to do the same thing with that highlighter! It is very creamy and glossy and full of healthy oils like coconut, castor and almond. I apply it on the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and cupid’s bow for a radiant, healthy look.


t h e    e x t r a s


CONCEALER I do not use concealer all the time. Only if I really need it that day. Mine is ‘NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer’ in Vanilla that I’ve just purchased recently when I’ve realized that I needed a little extra. I do like it so far. It has good coverage and it is long lasting. It doesn’t crease unless I don’t moisturize my skin properly but then it is my fault not the concealer’s. Never skip moisturizing!

BLUSH My all time favorite blush is ‘DIOR’ in New Red. The bright pinky red is perfect for my complexion. You can own a big collection of blushes but there is always just the one that makes you comeback for it over and over again. For me it is this one.

FINISHING POWDER If I have a long day ahead of me I use finishing powder by ‘e.l.f. Cosmetics’. It almost doesn’t cost you anything but does the job extremely well.









the tools




FOUNDATION BRUSH My new favorite foundation brush (beloved and coveted by everyone) is ‘ARTIS Oval brush’ in size 8. The hype around those brushes has been going on for quite some time and after long considereation I’ve decided to give it a try. Was it worth the money? Totally! It cuts the time for applying the foundation in two and helps apply products more consistently. Although the size 8 is quite big (it covers half of my cheek) it is easy to use and to reach even the under eye area with it. I actually was amazed how well it worked the first time I’vе tried it. Highly recommend!


BEAUTY BLENDER Although I mostly use the ARTIS brush for my foundation, I still love the ‘beautyblender’ as much as I did the day I first tried it. I love to use it for my concealer or cream-based conturing kit since it gives me more control for smaller areas compared to the ‘ARTIS’ brush.


CONTOURING/BLUSH BRUSH A little shocker here (spoiler alert) – I use the same brush for my powder-based contouring kit and the blush. It is ‘CHANEL #4’. Maybe I am not suppose to but after trying so many different contouring brushes I feel that the less is more. I don’t really need two different brushes for contouring and blush. Especially if it does the jobs so well. I had that brush for over 3 years now and it still feels like new.








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