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How to wear it in colder days


Crochet dress probably would have to be the ultimate summer dress that you see every summer no matter the trends. It is in style every summer. I, myself, have always been a big fan. Something about it makes you look and feel so much more feminine and elegant. Although it is a no-brainer that the best way to wear it is with sandals or espadrilles, just as it is, I always like to go a step further and give it a little twist.


I got my dress at Michael Kors about three months ago and waited for the weather to be warm enough for me to actually wear it. I had to wait quite awhile so I had to come up with the idea of how to make it work during the “not-so-warm” days. Circumstances do make us think outside the box. Right?! Even if it’s just deciding how to wear your favorite dress. In the end, I liked the outfit so much I’ve been wearing it whenever it’s chilly out all summer.



The crochet dress can work for any occasion and any personal style




Surprisingly, this crochet dress keeps you warm enough when you wear under the leather jacket (which I did with ankle booties) but it can also work in hotter days, since it’s crocheted and lets your body breath. Although I wouldn’t recommends wearing it when it’s 80F outside. The long sleeves are too much otherwise.






When it comes to styling the crochet dress, there are so many ways. In fact, I think you can never go wrong with it, really. It can work for any occasion and any personal style. You can style it with espadrille sandals on the platform and add a basket-like bag (something like Gaia’s ark bag) for a relaxed summer look. Or (my favorite way) wear it with sneakers and bomber jacket. 

Just make sure that the bomber jacket is pretty plain and doesn’t have any prints. Otherwise the outfit becomes too busy. For a special occasion you can wear it with stiletto sandals (the barely-there kind) adding statement jewelry, big earrings preferably. I would recommend the earrings since you don’t want to take attention away from the dress with a statement necklace.



How I styled it





I am a huge leather jacket fan. I’d wear it with everything and anything for any occasion. I have to say, although I do have quite a few favorite pieces of clothing in my closet, leather jacket is my number one favorite thing. So, naturally, when I had to decide what I wanted to wear the crochet dress with I picked the jacket. Also, I really like the contrast of styles – the dress is very romantic and feminine, while the leather jacket always adds a little touch of rebellious to an outfit. Somehow the two goes so well together, without creating the conflict between romance and bada** ness. You get the idea.





The reason I picked those shoes is because it combines the idea of both the dress and the jacket. It’s romantic (with those leather straps that goes around the ankle) but also has a touch of rock-n-roll to it that complements the jacket (with the faceted studs on the front). It is more of a dressier alternative and the outfit can totally work with white sneakers as well for an everyday look. Or even with ankle boots for chiller days. I love to wear ankle booties in summer!












One of my favorite bags by Michael Kors is SLOAN. The resemblance with Chanel Classic Flap bag is obvious but this is not the reason why I love it so much. I love the soft leather and the fact that it makes any outfit (whether it’s casual or for a special occasion) feel thought through and exeptional. That is exactly why I added it to this outfit. It is simple enough not to take attention away from the outfit but luxe to complement the look and make it feel posh. It ties everything together in the most perfect way.






leather jacket // crochet dress // shoes // bag   MICHAEIL KORS // RAYBAN sunglasses





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