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We all know the importance of regular exfoliation and the benefits of chemical peels. But life gets the best of all of us for the most part and taking extra care of your skin can be the last errand on the never ending to-do list. At least that’s how it’s been for me. I never had good skin*. The teen years for my skin seemed to stretch out till my mid 20s and at some point I accepted the way it was, never hoping for better times. If only I knew all I needed to do was to choose the right masks and exfoliators!


I always knew that exfoliation helps with breakouts but never realized to what extent. Most of the products I’ve used dried my skin and it produced even more oil, so I stopped trying. Big mistake! Although my skin did get better over the years, it is not until recently that I’ve discovered that the right product can do wonders to your face. It just takes time (and money, unfortunately) to find that right one. I cannot thank enough all my favorite brands for their wonderful products that made me fall in love with my skin for the first time ever. Here is the list of my most loved and trusted in-home treatments.




* Not all oily skin is prone to acne simply because our bodies shed dead skin cells differently. What my skin lacks in shedding dead cells, it doubles in producing extra oil which is not a good formula! Because the dead cells get trapped in oil which creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, hence the breakouts.




used and trusted





Korean skincare is more effective than Western skincare products. The statement I’ve heard awhile ago but took my time to actually give it a try. The first product I’ve ever tried was Raw Sauce from May Coop, which didn’t quite pass the test. My skin did feel very soft and hydrated after application but it was the smell that turned me down. It seemed too chemical to me. And then I got a sample of Neogen peel from Sephora. The results blew me away! My skin felt so renewed and fresh. Almost squeaky clean. I went and bought the whole thing the next day. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. You know that feeling when you really love something at first but over the time that effect wears off once you start using it regularly? Well, that’s not the case with this product! I still love it like I did the first time I’ve tried it and I most definitely will repurchase.


tried and loved






When I don’t have too much time for pampering Neogen peel gauze is the product to go with, but whenever I have 20 minutes to spare – it is T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial time! Like with many of my favorite product, I’ve discovered this one with a sample from Sephora. Being V.I.B. Rouge does pay off or do I make myself believe so?! In any case, you do spend more money but at the same time you get some pretty cool perks. Like samples from Drunk Elephant. The sample was big enough for 3 applications by the way. The only reason it took me awhile to buy the whole bottle was the price. It is by no means a cheap product. Is it worth it? Well, Drunk Elephant skincare products’s been good to my skin, so as soon as I had some dollars to spare, I made a purchase. And yes, it is worth every penny!


new and worthy






This product is a new addition to my collection of at-home peel treatments and to be honest, I was a little dissapointed the first time I’ve tried it. It felt like it didn’t do anything for my skin. My mistake was that I compared it with the other two and expected it to work in a certain way. What I’ve learned is that you need to keep an open mind and just observe. Sure enough, I’ve changed my opinion the next time I used it and actually paid attention. This peel is the most gentle one of all three and I think it will be perfect if you have sensitive skin. The bottle is very cool and minimalistic. The aesthetic factor is definitely there! It also comes with cotton pads that has two sides – the gauze side for normal-to-combination skin types and the smooth side is for sensitive skin.










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