The Hamilton by Michael Kors


As one of my favorite bloggers once said, I am someone who has more shoes than sense. That quote definitely describes me in the most correct way. I love buying shoes but when it comes to buying purses I am more hesitant and demanding than you would expect from a person like myself. Every purse purchase experience is somewhat an enjoyable torture of calculating all pros and cons, decision making about the color and style, etc.

I was very thrilled when Michael Kors came up with an updated Hamilton bag look. It’s been my favorite purse for years, since the time my best friend bought one five years ago. It was her dream bag at the time. But I’ve never gotten myself one until now since I’ve never had a need for a bigger purse. My everyday clutch from Marc Jacobs handled its mission (a phone, a lipstick and a wallet) just fine. Nowadays my life is much busier and more demanding and requires a bigger purse.













The idea I was going for with this outfit was a casual but at the same time elevated summer look. It is simple enough to put it together in two minutes but it definitely doesn’t look like something you threw on right after you rolled out of bed. The trick, of course, is in the little details that might not be so obvious at first look. The matching blue on the dress print and the purse, plus snow white sneakers to add some “casulaty” to the outfit.


Whilst the blog post is about the Hamilton purse, few extra words must be said about the dress itself and its cut. I believe, this dress is one of those dresses that would look good on anyone because it is so flattering. It is very feminine and romantic and the lightweight crepe makes it perfect for hot weather. All in all it is my favorite dresses to date!

















Although I am not used to carrying big purses, I really feel for this one, since nowadays with two full time jobs I have to carry more things with me than usual. I was looking for a summer bag that would fit all my planners and journals but wouldn’t be too big and bulky. Per usual, the colors I go for is black, but I really liked the idea of a denim purse since it would match my favorite baby blue jeans and all white clothing.

The purse is made of leather, it has two big inside pockets, one with the zipper, to hold all your cannot-live-without stuff. I use one of them for my makeup/skincare essentials and another one for pens, pencils, stylus and other office things. Plus there are also smaller pockets for all my little things like keys and wallet that get lost easily in a bigger bag. The exterior is accented with silver-tome hardware and a signature MK lock charm. It also comes with ditachable and adjustable shoulder strap.





I don’t wear a lot of prints since I am a match-everything-type-of-nerd and prints are hard to match. Usually it is black and white monochrome with a splash of color now and then like red or blue. But this dress blew me away by it’s cut. The ruffled sleeves and flowy bell skirt at the bottom emphasizes your waist making it look thin. The dress is very flattering and the fabric is light which makes it absolutely perfect for hot summer days.
Imagine my delight when the Hamiton bag came in a denim blue color that matched the print on the dress! Or vice versa in that case. It is little things like that, that make my life so enjoyable. Like matching colors on the dress and the bag. I don’t need much! I also to like wear it with block heel sandals (also from Michael Kors) for the days when I want a little extra “sexy” in the outfit.






We all know my love for white sneakers. In fact, I think there is nothing more sexier and simple at the same time than a pair of snow white sneakers. Wear it with high-waisted jeans, a top with spaghetti straps and oversized sunglasses for a celebraty of duty look. Or like in this outfit, pair it with a flowy dress for a cute and sexy summer look that can work for either lunch with girl-friends or a date night.
My sneakers are also from Michael Kors. Who is my favorite designer, you think? Starting to get a picture? The sneakers also come with shoelaces in three different colors for matching maniacs like myself but I personally only use the white ones. Although the leather platform might seem a little heavy at first, the sneakers are pretty comfortable and I absolutely love the look of the platform soles.

















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