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Nothing is more reliable and comfortable than your good old pair of jeans that fits you well and makes you feel good. So good, in fact, that sometimes you catch yourself wearing it whenever the occasion permits. No crime in that, really. I always encourage my clients to wear whatever makes them feel beautiful. When a certain outfit makes you feel uncomfortable – it shows. So does when you know you are rocking the look! And that is the ultimate goal. There are few elements that need to come together for a “rocking” outfit but it all starts with the level of comfort and most importantly your attitude.



When you are uncomfortable in your outfit – it shows. So does when you know you are rocking it!



I usually dress for my mood and occasion, naturally, and if I don’t feel like getting out of my favorite pair of jeans, I have a formula for dressing it up too. It is simple – just add high heels! You don’t even have to puzzle over what top to wear it with. Well-fitted jeans will do all the job (of looking fabulous) for you. It can be as simple as a plain white top with spaghetti straps. Add a clutch and statement earrings and you are ready to rock!

















Basically it is like your work outfit – minus the pencil skirt, plus jeans and fancier shoes. But even the shoes doesn’t have to make a statement! Barely-there stiletto sandals or plain (work) high heels will do just fine. In that case I would add a statement jewelry to keep the outfit look interesting. There is literally nothing you can do to mess up this look. I am telling you – your favorite pair of jeans + high heels is a perfect formula!







I don’t own a lot of shirts. Why bother if you can always borrow one from your man?! I love the loose fit of men’s shirts which I feel you can never achive even with the oversized women’s shirts. But I couldn’t pass this one. I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on, and all my girlfriends – the moment they saw it on me. It is a classic white shirt with the twist! The sleeves are so dreamy! The ruffles on the sleeves are an interesting take on the “ruffles everywhere” trend of the moment. But I don’t think this particular shirt will go out of style as soon as ruffles will. Simply because it’s so classic.










Like any girl out there who watched “Sex and the City” religiously I’ve dreamt of those shoes for quite some time. You can imagine my joy when I finally bought them! But let’s not drift away from today’s subject though. 

The reason I chose those beautiful statement shoes is.. well, because they makes a statement. And what a statement! Since the rest of the elements (like the clutch and accessories) of my outfit is pretty simple black and white, I needed something to entertain the eye. And did I mention they make me feel like one million dollars?! Every girl needs the dreamy pair of shoes that she only wears for a special occasion. I am so happy I finally own mine!








If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably should’ve noticed that I stick around my favorite sunglasses. I might splurge on clothes and skincare (especially!) but the sunglasses and bags stay around for some time. I prefer quality over quantity and things that last. That is why I have my classic Wayfarer sunglasses in every other post. It’s timeless and the shape looks good on everyone.


The accessories you can splurge on (and may I suggest, should) is J.Crew earrings! Every piece is a statement that adds twist to your basic outfit. I personally can never have enough! I fell in love with J.Crew jewelry couple years ago and they never disappoint! Those earrings are quite intricate but not too much. I wanted to stay in my favorite black and white theme with accessories so they fit right in!


Since I wanted to accentuate the shoes and jewelry I needed something very simple and minimalistic for the clutch. This DKNY clutch adds sophistication without taking away the attention from the whole look.








shirt: BCBG MaxAzria // jeans: ASOS // shoes: MANOLO BLAHNIK

earrings: J.CREW (similar) // sunglasses: RAY BAN // clutch: DKNY





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