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I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever. In fact, it feels like it was some other life I’ve dreamed about or read about somewhere in a book or an article. I guess I can blame my busy calendar and a full time job but here is the thing. I don’t like excuses. There is always a way out from a situation. Always. It might not be evident at first but it’s there. You just need to find it. And to find it you have to slow down, take a deep breath, put your emotions aside and give it a thought. As simple as that. That is exactly what I did.


For the last couple of months, I felt that I’ve been loosing my real self. Life’s got so crazy for us. And all of a sudden too. You’re never really prepared for it, are you?! It spiraled down to that craziness sometime between Christmas and New Years. Which is quite normal for everyone. After all it is a holiday season. But ours had different reasons. It never stopped after that. I’m still hoping somewhere in the back of my mind that we might find couple of days in our busy schedules and go on vacation. The chances are slim.



I had to cozy up my home and make it a lovely place before I could move on to my other projects








What happened recently and in the period of only 1,5 months is that I’ve accepted a management position at work, my fiancé’s family came for a visit and we moved to a new house that I needed to decorate. Me being the crazy person I am, had to cozy up our home and make it a lovely place to live at before I could move on to my other projects. 40+ hours a week at work, 5 trips to IKEA later, countless hours of looking for perfect posters for the office later and blogging ends up in the back of my to-do list. Never in the back of my mind. No! But the list – definitely. And unfortunately. You see, I live fully when I write and when I create. That’s my true self! 


the purpose of my blog is to share my opinions and to help women feel beautiful


The minute I started treated my blog as a to-do list, it stopped being enjoyable. It stopped being the platform for my creativity as it should be. In fact, it added more stress to my life than joy. Funny how your most favorite things can turn into a routine if you’d only let it. Plus it became more about gaining followers and making it successful as well. A lot of people start blogging hoping it will turn into a business one day. Definitely there is nothing wrong with it. But here is the thing. If making money is your one and only purpose most likely you won’t enjoy it and you are bound to fail. Internet is full of entrepreneurs like that. But what it does lack is HONESTY.



Fashion is a powerful thing!


As I do hope to reach more people one day – the purpose of my blog is to share my opinions and to help women feel beautiful by giving them advices about stylingFashion is a powerful thing! I see it at work everyday. The way her eyes light up when she looks in the mirror and feels irresistible and ready to conquer the world. 

I even had a client who cried, hugged and thanked me because she’d never felt so beautiful before. Believe me, I couldn’t care less how many followers my blog had at that moment. I made a total stranger happy and it was all that mattered. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I am hoping (cross that!) PLANNING on having more of those moments in years to come.









The Outfit



The most worn and loved piece of the clothing I’ve ever owned is my faux leather leggings. I keep repeating it again and again that everyone should have a comfortable and reliable pair. I bought it three years ago at Express in Texas, in summer, when it was 90 something outside. My fiancé though I was crazy. But they were SO incredibly comfortable, and looked so good that I couldn’t pass it on. Now I am honestly considering investing into real leather leggings. I know they are pricey but it is so worth it. It is my go-to outfit either I want to dress it up with heels or feeling lazy, want to throw something on but still look stylish. Here I wore it with H&M sweater.

Red is a special color for me. I only wear it sometimes when I am in the mood. The fun thing about this sweater is that it is off-shoulder and it makes you look so sophisticated and sexy. The hat is also from H&M. H&M seems the only company where I always have luck finding the hats that look good on me. The price makes the experience even better. I’d rather save on something then splurge on a bag.

The bag is Gucci. It is undeniably a statement piece and an investment. It was a Christmas present to myself for working so hard over the year. That is why it is so special. I think it is the piece that ties the outfit together.
Booties are from ALDO. I’ve waited forever for them to go on sale but I wish I didn’t. It was money worth spent. I might buy a second pair because it is so comfortable and beautiful on.

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