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In the world of endless choices and hyped useless products it is so easy to overlook a great brand. I must admit I was a little skeptical about Bali Body myself at first. The beautiful babes in sexy bikinis with perfect tan on Bali Body Instagram account and website looked too good to be true. I mean, if you’re lounging around somewhere in Maldives or Bali all day long do you even need any products to get such tan? Says the person who hates tanning and considers laying by the pool the least exciting pastime of all. Is it the right product for me? Having a perfect tan is the art I still need to master. It takes patience AND the right products if you don’t want to end up with sad dehydrated skin. In the end I did order couple products to give it a try. It was too tempting not to. The results were nothing shot of AMAZING!









Luxe Moisturizing Lotion was one of the first things I’ve ordered. Since it was still winter time I thought I might get more use out of the lotion instead of the tanning oil – what Bali Body is actually famous for. I did not think that I could like a product THAT much! It was absolutely unexpected. Yes, there are skincare and body care products that I really love. But if most of it stopped being produced I probably would find the replacement in no time. I would be lost without this lotion! After using it for just a week I re-ordered two more bottles because I was afraid they’d ran out! It is everything you want in a lotion – it’s light and fast absorbent, not strong-smelling, so you don’t get tired of it, and it hydrates my skin like none of the lotions could before. I apply it right after shower and it leaves my skin soft and glowing for a very very long time. It is definitely my #1 favorite body care product!









I did not get to try Natural Tanning and Body Oil for outdoor tanning until recently. However I’ve been using it with indoor tanning and after the shower. I am suspecting Bali Body is using fair dust in their products because it’s that good! I must admit, I actually am very glad that I’ve got to try it during the colder season. Because it really showed me how good it is. Just as most people can probably say, my skin gets super dehydrated during winter/early spring seasons. Spending hours in the steam room, sauna and hot tub during that time (which a lot of us are guilty of) might be good for the soul but not for the skin exactly. No matter what body oils I’ve tried, after just an hour or so I would start feeling that my skin was itching a little. Even though it felt hydrated to the touch. Which meant that all that oil wasn’t getting absorbed by my skin and was sitting on top of it. Not the case with this one. It gets absorbed very fast and hydrates your skin from inside, AND adds a touch of tan to it if you are just using it after the shower but not for outdoor/indoor tanning. I am hooked!









The latest addition to my Bali Body collection is this Bronzing Lotion. It is an absolute must-have for summer if you are religious about keeping your skin tan. And it is an indispensable product for bloggers like myself. It is always there for the rescue if I need just a little extra touch of tan. Tan skin always looks better on pictures and I prefer a natural one instead of artificial photoshoped skin. Plus, not only it adds hint of tint to your skin but it has all the antioxidants your body needs. Just make sure you give it a little time to absorb so it won’t transfer on your clothes. Over all I am very happy with this lotion and have been recommending it to my friends non-stop.












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