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I am not sure when my fascination with all-black outfits have started. It might have begun with handbags and footwear. I have to thank my mother for that. She is a stylish lady herself and has always taught me that your handbag and shoes have to match. Plus, when you are on a budget (how we were most of the time when I was just developing my styling skills as a teenager) you don’t have an opportunity to explore all colors of the rainbow. You stick to the basics. It might have started with handbags and shoes but later merged into all-black outfits. Not because of the budget this time. By the choice.
When you think of an all-black outfit what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A boring corporate suit? Or a little black dress perhaps? Surely an all-black outfit is safe and very appropriate for many occasions. You cannot go wrong with it. But how do you make it fun, stylish and maybe sexy? For me black color is so much more that just a color you use to blend in with the crowd. Because of its undeniable ability to define the silhouette there are so may ways to play with it! I have been perfecting my skills for years and today I am giving away some of my secrets!
















One of the main reasons why I am so obsession with all-black outfits is its ability to define your silhouette like no other colors can. You can hide what needs to be hidden and define what needs to be emphasized. Depending on what pieces of clothing you are choosing for a particular outfit, you can either make your legs look longer, your waist smaller and your figure slimmer. One very important thing to remember is the proportions! Don’t put together pieces that will distort your body shape. For example, I would not recommend wearing shapeless knee length dresses with flats if you are petite. However, if you wear it with wedge sandals and accentuate your waist with thick belt, it will be a lovely look.


My favorite combination is a top with small puffy sleeves and high waisted fitted bottoms like pencil skirt or skinny pants. It adds curves to my upper body and makes me look slimmer. And my recent obsession is 90s inspired slip dresses with barely there high heel sandals. So very romantic and feminine!












Textures have always fascinated me. When you are doing an all-black outfit – textures are your best friends! Different fabrics and materials reflect the light in different ways and that what makes it so fascinating. Imagine a black linen shirt with black leather leggings – what a beautiful combination! Or a black silk blouse with black denim jeans. You can combine two totally unexpected materials for a breath taking look, for example a cotton dress and patent vynil belt to emphasize your waist. The possibilities are endless!


My all time favorite is leather leggings with literally anything. It looks especially stylish with chunky knitted sweaters for colder Fall and Winter weather, or paired with an embroidered lace top for warmer Spring and Summer












Your don’t necessarily have to add too many textures to an all-black outfit, or have an intricate silhouette. Sometimes all you need is a well-placed emphasis and you sure will steal the show. All-black outfit is like a plain canvas ready for you to create your masterpiece. That is the beauty of it.


The best colors with black is red and gold. I prefer to wear gold jewelry with my outfits and on rare occasions I wear red lipstick with red shoes. If fact, this is my favorite color combination of all times – all-black outfit, red lipstick and minimalistic gold jewelry. Or not minimalistic. If you really want to stand out – wear few layers of gold necklaces with fitted silhouette, high heels and (again) red lipstick. It all depends on your mood and occasion but black+red+gold is your magic formula!






















the outfit



I wanted to show you how you can apply all the principles I’ve described in this blog post in one outfit. It was a little challenging not go overboard but I think I’ve managed this time.

[silhouette] The kind of top that I am wearing can be your favorite piece of clothing if you know how to style it right. Paired with wrong bottom it can be a disaster however. Because of the elasticized empire waist you need to either wear it with pencil skirt or flared pants. It will elongate your legs. But if you wear it with skinny pants or a mini skirt it will distort your body proportions and will look very unflattering to say the least.
[top – BCBG Max Azria pants – BCBG Max Azria]

There is a lot going on with textures – there is pants and silky top, glossy handbag and earrings, and straw hat with a velvet ribbon. Since I am so fascinated with textures, it was my favorite play area for this outfit.
[hat – Bijou Van Ness earrings – Forever 21]

[emphasis] I did not use any bright colors in this outfit. So you can say the emphasis was on the first two principles – silhouette and texture. Although the natural stone shoulder strap of the handbag is almost steeling the show.
[handbag – Cult Gaia]





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