That tricky balance







stability of one’s mind or feelings




I love blogging. Every little process of it that puts everything together. From brainstorming an idea to making that idea a reality – shooting, editing, writing content, etc. It is truly a bliss to be sitting in my favorite bakery with my laptop, drinking the unlimited coffee and watch the words appear on the screen. It is that quiet happiness that you experience on a peaceful summer night. That is how it fells.


Also, it can be an agony. The part I don’t even want to elaborate too much. Since I am a very visual person – I feel it in an instance when I start describing it. It is the total opposite of the peacefulness and calm. Trying to get everything ready the night before the blog post was supposed to be up on the website I stayed up till 3 am couple of times. Those are the nights when my own mind was working against me. I could’ve gotten it all done in an hour, instead I tortured (or should I say, my mind tortured me) for hours and hours.





It’s got me thinking, how can I have such opposite feelings about the same task? Happy and desperate, creative and impotent, fulfilled and dissatisfied. Too much an opposite sides of the pole. When I started thinking about it I’ve realized that it is not the task but my attitude about it, my approach. The balance or the lack of it. The more I thought about it, the more I understood that tricky balance is the pinnacle and the foundation of it all. What you eat and how many hours you sleep does effect your mood and everything you do that day but it doesn’t dictate it. The balance and peacefulness of your mind does.


That is the part where it gets tricky. Speaking from my own experience, I have bad and good days. Some days are easy and undisturbed by my restless mind, some days everything overwhelms me. What I found most helpful is something you probably have heard before. You need to slow down and quiet your mind. When you are peaceful it all falls into place. The endless to-do list that we make for ourselves and the culture that expects us all to be over-accomplishers backfires. We get disconnected from our communities, friends, families, from OURSELVES. We loose the balance. We are constantly in a hurry. 




Partly I blame technology or the way we use it to be exact. There are constant reminders on Instagram, Facebook, etc. that somebody’s life is better than yours. So the conclusion you make out of it is to work harder and add another taks to your endless to-do list and hurry even more. There is a beautiful saying by Lao Tzu that goes like this – “Nature doesn’t hurry and yet everything is accomplished.” The only way to connect with yourself and the would around you is to disconnect. What has been working for me lately is that I make time for work and time for my loved ones that doesn’t get compromised. And, of course, meditation. It is indeed a saving grace for the busy mind. I hope this post helps you too.



“Nature doesn’t hurry and yet everything is accomplished.”

– Lao Tzu














the outfit



I guess I should’ve started this blog post with something like this “You won’t believe how much this dress is”. Indeed, the dress was such a great and unexpected find! First, I fell in love with the color and once I’ve tried it on – the dress itself. As you may have noticed, I’ve been adding more colors to my black/grey/white palette lately. And to be honest with you, I am really liking the darker yellows, amber and army green on me. Luckily for me, those colors are really trendy at the moment and I find all kinds if clothing in those pretty colors everywhere! And yes! In case you were wondering, the dress is from FOREVER 21.

As for accessories and footwear, I’ve decided to go minimal for this look and concentrate the attention on the dress. The shoes are from ALDO, the bag is GUCCI and the earrings are from my favorite J.CREW. The gold hardware on the bag and gold earrings accentuate the amber color of the dress. The black shoes and the black bag are tyeing everything together. Overall it is a very easy to put together outfit. It is simple but chic.




dress: FOREVER 21 // shoes: ALDO // bag: GUCCI

earrings: J.CREW // bracelet: SWAROVSKI (similar)





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