Early Fall Pieces






It’s finally fall. A little late you may say, but it’s been very nice outside. Being  warm and green outside has made it not  feel like fall at all. Until this week, when it rained for several days straight. We’re still having warm weather, which is perfect for the type of sleeveless sweaters that I’m wearing in this post. I was quickly getting tired of the summer heat by mid-August. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Summer but there’s something I really enjoy about Fall. It’s the fresh crisp air in the morning, cinnamon lattes and of course Fashion Week. Fall makes me feel anew. For most people,  spring is revitalizing, but for me it’s definitely fall.


During the last part of August, I started shopping for my new fall wardrobe. And I’ve not stopped, as my fiancé would say. I’m so excited about all of the new fresh colors. I think I’ve surprised not only myself but everyone around me. Not only am I excited about all the colors, but I also want to buy them! Black, white and grey are still my go-to’s, but I’m  making room for more colorful pieces in my closet. My closet consists of  a lot of beige at the moment, but I’ve been also loving colors like burnt orange and shades of green. I’ve had to make baby steps to start loving and  wearing different seasonal colors.








Although, there are not a lot of colors in this post, I promise you it will be coming up soon in my next blog. What inspired me for this outfit was (as my best friend nicely puts it) the “impractical” sweater. Lately, one of my favorite brands BCBG has been creating the most beautiful collections. Of course, I absolutely could not pass on this “impractical” sweater. For most of us, sweaters are typically associated as chunky warm pieces for cold weather. I enjoy how this cliché idea is being broken in the most stylish way.

Another must-have for this season, for me, has been jeans. I am not sure when it has became a tradition for me, but I’ve been following it religiously for three years. Every fall, I will completely change my jean wardrobe. I’ll buy a pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash, a boyfriend fit jean in a light blue and throw in a random pair for some fun. This year it hasn’t been any different, the only difference was – I didn’t have to search countless stores and the web for a pair of perfect jeans. All of my perfect jeans were found in one place. Again, the BCBG design team has created pure magic this season. You can’t go wrong with any of the beautiful denim creations from BCBG.








The moment I saw those jeans, I fell in love without even trying them on. Flared jeans often come and go every season, but I think they’re a classic that deserves to be a staple in everybody’s closet. Plus, you can always use a pair that fits your body perfectly. Even if you only wear them every now and again. And those BCBG flared jeans DO fit perfectly. The only body type that I wouldn’t recommend them are for petite woman. For you ladies who are petite and curvy, your best option is skinny mid-rise jeans, like the BCBG MAXAZRIA Slit Hem Skinny.

The fringe-trimmed sweater is definitely a fashion piece that will get everyone’s attention each time it’s worn. I checked, it looks equally beautiful with any type of jean (boyfriend fit, skinny or flared) and all types of skirts. Whichever kind is the best fit for your body type. For my clients who are concerned about being cold, I suggest layering it with a white turtleneck. But in my opinion, the best way to wear it is by itself. Keep it for fashionable outings and for colder days wear something else, since this sweater is best to be worn for  pre-fall weather.

sweater: BCBGMaxAzria // jeans: BCBGMaxAzria


earrings: TIFFANY & Co // sunnies: BP.








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