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I have my weekly blog posts planned out for each month. I know it doesn’t look like it at the moment. My consistency with blogging has definitely seen better days, I do  agree with that. But here is the thing, when you think it cannot get any worse, that is the moment when it does.

My workflow is typically the same, I write down my ideas on paper and then format it into a blog post. Then I type the blog onto my computer, correcting and editing if necessary. My goal is to finish it a week before the blog launches on the website. In that case, I have time to re-read it, correct any mistakes and add or remove what I no longer think is necessary.

Also, I always have an alternative idea. In case, whatever I chose to write about on that particular week doesn’t feel relevant anymore. But this time it was different. None of the ideas seemed good enough. The visual part of the blog post was done. One task was left to be finished, my writing. But my muse didn’t show up to work that day. I left it for another day, and then another, until it was too late to post it. I finally had to admit to myself – I had writer’s block. The more I tried to write something, the more stressed I got. And when you get to that point you are way too overwhelmed to think of anything creative. There is no space left for creativity to flourish. The stress takes up all that space.





In a society that cultivates overachieving and multitasking, failure is not an option. We have all sorts of technology and phone applications that can help us with almost anything. How can we even start to think about failure? But still there it is, staring at me in the form of an empty page, words and ideas eluding my mind. Letting go and admitting that it’s not going to happen is the hardest part. But without affirming the problem you cannot restart your mind to start anew. No matter how bad the case or how close the deadline, you need to stop for a moment and decompress.


I guess what scares us the most in the situations like this is the uncertainty. What if I let go and the solution never comes to me? Maybe if I try a  little harder and dug a little deeper, I might figure it out. Seems like a reasonable way out, doesn’t it? That’s the mindset of an overachieving culture. But then how to you know when it is ok to let go? And how do you stay inspired? It doesn’t matter if you’re a creative writer or an insurance agent. I believe staying inspired with your work is everything. Because inspiration equals motivation, and motivation combined with persistence opens all the doors.












For me the solution has always been in preparation and planning ahead. If the plan doesn’t bring results – I analyze it, correct it and try again. The biggest favor you can do yourself is to take time to figure out your workflow and create planning habits. Once you have built that foundation, the magic starts to happen. Planning gives you time, time eliminates stress and gives you the freedom to think your best ideas and get creative with them.
From time to time, you will still fail though.. Perfect planning doesn’t guarantee 100% positive results all of the time. As much as I’ve perfected my planning, problems still get in the way, things happen, and results will vary. Believe me when I say that it’s not all peaches and cream with every aspect of blogging. I do feel like a complete failure when I promise a blog post and it’s not there the next day. I also don’t linger on those feelings. You shouldn’t either! We’ve all heard it before – it’s ok to fail. We learn and grow from it. But once we embrace our failures, flaws and vulnerabilities with all of our heart, the inspiration begins.





Believe me when I say that it’s not all peaches and cream with every aspect of blogging. I do feel like a complete failure sometimes. I also don’t linger on those feelings. 















the outfit



I absolutely adore fall. Especially, before the weather gets too cold and the styling gets difficult. Because how many looks can you create with one coat? Actually, that sounds like an interesting blog post idea. I might take it into consideration for an upcoming post. If that’s something you guys would like to see on the blog, as always, let me know! 

The best part about fall, for me, is cozy sweaters and boots. I love all kinds of boots – over the knee heels, fun short booties, leather high leg boots. I’ll take it all! Some girls are crazy about shoes and handbags, but I am crazy about boots. The go-to color is black, of course, but I’ve really enjoyed the idea of white footwear lately. White for fall to be exact. It’s quite an untraditional trend, but I’ve been seeing it everywhere from magazines to fashion blogs. And I am definitely on board with it!

The best colors to pair white footwear with for a relaxed outfit is beige (like my Zara sweater) and light blue (ex. jeans). If you want to have some fun, add a pop of color. My high-waisted red pants have been getting plenty of attention every time I wear them. An important thing to remember, with a cut like this you need to pair the pants with high heels. Unless you’re as tall as Karlie Kloss, then you can pull it off even with the flats. 

Overall, it’s a very easy and comfortable outfit. You can stay warm, but still remain stylish. Add a fun handbag like mine and you’ll be destined to stand out in a crowd.


sweater: ZARA // trousers: ZARA

booties: MANGO // bag: MANGO





Post editor – RORY WILBUR



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