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Fall weather in the Midwest has been pure bliss! It’s not too warm nor too cold. Just the right temperature, when you can wear a summer dress with high boots or cardigans, without the need for a warm coat. There are days when you definitely need a coat. After all, it’s fall and we do get chilly weather. But when it’s a nice warm day, I’ve noticed that I tend to go for two particular looks. I will be sharing these outfits with you in this post and the upcoming post next week. The first outfit as you might’ve noticed is a maxi dress paired with a cardigan. You’ll just have to wait for next week’s look though. But I will give you a small hint, it includes a particular kind of pant.


Typically, I’m a pant person. Jeans are a go-to for any casual occasion, while pants and trousers are best for work and occasions where jeans aren’t appropriate. Lately, however, I’ve been loving maxi dresses and skirts. To be completely honest, I’ve always loved maxi dresses and skirts, but never actually seemed to find any nice options. This season, I’ve already purchased three maxi dresses and a skirt. I have at least a dozen more that I need to choose from to buy. Maybe I’ve gotten better at finding items that suit my style, or the stores have gotten better at supplying to customer demand. Either way, it’s a win-win situation that works for me!















The dress is from H&M. I’ve  been shopping at this budget-friendly retailer a lot lately. And for a good reason too. The fabric used in this collection was created by a British fabric brand, Morris & Co. They collaborated with H&M to create unique pieces like this one. I’m absolutely in love with all the prints and fabrics. I also bought the trousers and blouse that are the same print as the dress. I think it’s safe to say that I am obsessed! The dress also looks simply divine with black high heel booties and a leather jacket, or you can pair it with a nude pump for a romantic date night.






The cardigan is also from H&M. I selected this nude colored cardigan, because it enhances the colors that are in the dress. But it doesn’t take any attention away from it. The cardigan’s length is also perfect for being paired with a flared skirt. Since the dress has such a busy print, a simple cardigan is best. It can also go the other way around too. If you choose a dress that has a simple A-line cut, you need a cardigan that’s longer or has some elaborate details. This rib-knit cardigan is my absolute favorite. For a simple outfit, throw it over a white turtleneck and pair it with blue jeans and white booties.










These boots are amazing, they honestly deserve a completely separate blog post! They are from MANGO. When I saw them for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind that this classic belongs in my closet. It’s a definite must-have, ladies. Not only are they stylish, but also incredibly comfortable. Sometimes I get questions like, how can I wear high heels all day long? My secret is that I choose comfortable heels like these. The leather is super soft and the design is classic. It can elevate any outfit, from a simple one like jeans with a sweater or a formal outfit like an evening dress and fur coat.






If you’ve been reading my blog posts regularly, you know that I prefer to save on clothes and splurge on my handbags. This bad boy has been on my radar for quite a while. But here’s the deal, you don’t need to have an expensive handbag or brandy clothes to look stylish. What really gets everyone’s attention is an outfit that is put together to perfection. For me, perfection is the cut that compliments your figure, colors that brings out your complexion, and interesting details that accentuate your most beautiful features. Expensive or not, my advice is to always match your handbag with your footwear.













the outfit

dress: H&M // cardigan: H&M // earrings: J.CREW

boots: MANGO // handbag: CHANEL






Post editor – RORY WILBUR




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