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When it comes to make-up, I learned a long-time ago that for me a more natural look is better. Plus, I’m a  girl on-the-go, with a long to-do list and a busy schedule. I don’t have the time to spend 30 minutes trying to blend a perfect smokey-eye for my makeup routine. That’s why when the occasion presents itself, I go all in. I’m a girly-girl that could spend hours “playing” with my makeup. I feel like I’m in my mom’s vanity trying all those forbidden makeup products that I didn’t dare touch.


So, when the Esqido representative contacted me about writing a review about their products, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. If it’s an excuse to get all dolled-up and take pictures, say no more!



I’m the nerdiest nerd someone could be, so naturally it’s  important for me to know the brand’s history. I like to know who’s behind the company and how it started. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information on their website and when I asked the representative if they could provide any, I didn’t get a reply. The only information I found is that the brand is based in Canada.




The packaging was nothing less of exquisite, I was very impressed with it. They make sure that the eyelashes feel very special. It arrived in a minimalistic white envelope and all the products were neatly packaged inside. For a perfectionist like myself, those little details matter. Great job on that Esqido team!

I received their signature mink eyelashes and a pair from the Unisyn collection “Peaches & Cream” along with the eyelash glue. The Unisyn eyelashes come in a  plastic case that half opens from the top. The case includes an instruction booklet and the eyelashes. The packaging is so aesthetically pleasing, I wouldn’t mind keeping it on my vanity table for display. The mink lashes come in a small case with a hidden magnet that snaps close, which is very convenient.

The Unisyn lashes
These eyelashes are the most comfortable and natural looking lashes that I’ve ever tried. They’re easy to apply even for someone like myself, who only puts them on for special occasions. It must be due to the soft cotton band, which really makes all the difference. My problem with false eyelashes is that more often than not it has a thicker band, making it harder to apply. Plus due to the thicker band, it’s very distinguishable where the fake lashes end and the your natural lash line begins. I always had to use an eyeliner to blend my natural lash line with the fake eyelashes, which was an inconvenience. With the Unisyn eyelashes, I don’t  even have to use an eyeliner. I just put the eyelashes on and they’re ready to go. Although synthetic, the fibers look and feel very natural, which is unbelievable. All in all, I highly recommend giving these eyelashes a try.
The Mink eyelashes
The mink eyelashes look and feel very luxurious. But here’s the thing, I feel the same way about mink eyelashes as I do about mink coats. I don’t wear them. Although, I was informed the hair that they use is naturally shedded mink hair, for me it raises more questions. Where are those animals held and what’s the process of gathering the hair.  I don’t discourage or encourage you to try these lashes, but know your facts first and decide for yourself if it’s the industry you want to support. Personally, I didn’t try the mink eyelashes.







Overall, I was very pleased with the customer service (the PR team was great – replied to my emails in the timely manner, made sure that I received my order, etc.), the delivery was fast and packaging was exquisite! The products that I did try (the Unisyn eyelashes and the eyelash glue) were wonderful. The eyelash glue deserves a blog post on its’ own! I loved the precision brush wand and I enjoyed the fact that the lash-glue formula dries invisibly. However, the biggest advantage being that if you didn’t place the lash the way you wanted it in the first take, you can correct it without removing the whole thing. The glue will still hold all-day long as long as you change it quickly. The eyelashes are also reusable, I’ve used mine 3 times already and they still look like new.




Post editor: RORY WILBUR




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