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What you decide to wear determines how you feel. This is the wisdom I’ve learned throughout the years styling other people and myself. The right outfit can make you feel beautiful, confident, unstoppable… The list goes on and on. Why only reserve that kind of attitude for your daily outside-of-home outfits? Why not take that same attitude and put in some effort to create beautiful loungewear outfits to wear around the house as well? And why would you want that, you ask? Keep reading!
When I was growing up, there definitely wasn’t a budget for loungewear. For a very long time, I would wear old clothes around the house that weren’t suitable to wear in public anymore. Essentially, I would wear anything that was in bad shape. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about throwing it away after spilling coffee on it. Sure from time to time, I wished I had pretty clothes to wear at home. Although, that thought would soon disappear as I realized I would have to spend money on it.  Why bother on loungewear if you can buy another dress for going out? A dress that you only wear once and then hang it in your closet and forget about it. Do you see what I’m getting at?
At some point, I’ve realized that I spend way more money for outside-of-home clothes most of which I don’t even get to wear that often. And the clothes that I would wear every single day after work, the loungewear, I would hardly ever buy.  Which brings us to the question earlier in the post. Why would you even bother spending your money on the loungewear? Here is why.





First of all, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing your man’s 10-year old sweatshirt with sweatpants that are two sizes too big at home. I’m guilty of that myself sometimes. But here’s the thing, it depends on what my plans are for the day. Of course, if I have a movie night planned, then sure my man’s sweatshirt is perfect for that. But if I have a day off from my full-time job and plan on working on my blog all day, there’s  no way I can be productive wearing that kind of outfit. I must wear something that will put me in a working mood.
Having such a practical approach to your outfits will change your mindset on the way you do things. Sure, it might seem like a bit much. But you don’t have to come up with a  loungewear outfit for every day. Just having a general idea is more than enough. I personally have three types of loungewear outfits that I like to wear, depending on the activity I’m doing at home and the plans I have for the day. Here are my loungewear outfits types.







working from home





When I work from home, I like to wear loungewear that somewhat reflects a “work” outfit. It really does boost my productivity levels. I guess once I put it on, it signals my brain that work needs to be done and there’s no way around it. For me, turtlenecks have always been associated with a “work” outfit. So,  I like to wear them when I know I have a busy blogging day ahead of me. But it has to be very stretchy and soft. Even though, it’s kind of a “work outfit” it still has the “loungy” feel about it. The pencil skirt is optional.




Just kidding, guys. No pencil skirts! Instead, I wear soft and stretchy leggings that don’t restrict my movement. So, I can sit cross-legged on the couch when I’m writing. This outfit is usually my most “polished loungewear outfit” if that’s even a thing. But you get the idea! Another perk of this outfit is that I don’t need to change if I have to make a coffee run in the middle of the day to stretch my muscles from sitting and to change the scenery. All I need to do is  throw on a coat and put on some comfortable slip-ons and I’m out the door.












casual lounging   




The best description of a casual loungewear outfit is something that you would wear on a snow day to stay in. For me, a snow day is the definition of the most relaxing atmosphere. Maybe because it’s so deeply connected to the memories of my childhood. Everything felt special on those days. There was no classes or homework and my mother would always make French toast for breakfast. There was a birch tree growing by my bedroom window and it would get all covered up in snow. The backyard was a winter wonderland at it’s finest. I would stay glued to the window for hours, cozied up in my favorite sweater.


I sat there admiring the snowfall, while sipping a hot cup of tea. Snow days will never lose their magic with me. I still make French toast for breakfast and celebrate the day by not working on anything whatsoever. I like to wear a cozy sweater with soft leggings like the ones in the picture. Which is perfect, in case I decide to take a walk in the cold winter air. A warm teddy coat, UGG boots and a hat is all I need to feel warm outside. Even if it’s not a snowy day and I just want to lounge around at home, as soon as I put this outfit on, I instantly get the feeling of comfort and relaxation.













after work leisure   




Typically, I wake up at 4 a.m. on weekday to get everything done on my to-do list for the day. Working out and all of the blog work has to completed before I leave for my full-time job. More on that and why I have been waking up so early will be in next month’s blog post. So, in the evenings I’m usually pretty tired. My evenings are reserved for meditation, reading and watching Netflix. Naturally, I want to spend as little effort on anything as possible. It’s the time when I cozy up in my man’s sweatshirt by the fireplace with a book and a cup of tea. But when I do have some energy left and not in the pajama mood quite yet,



this is what I wear – a tank top, warm leggings and a cardigan. This is the most relaxing outfit of all my loungewear outfits. So here you guys have it! Of course, I don’t encourage you to jump off your couch and run and spend all sorts of money for loungewear. But what I do encourage, is to love your clothes and to wear only the clothes that make you feel beautiful. When you no longer have to wait for the occasion to look pretty and to wear something that makes you feel beautiful at home, not only your approach to the way you dress changes but also the approach to life is as well.












Post editor: RORY WILBUR







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