Polished Boho outfit


It’s rather amusing how one day I wake up and all I want to wear is a certain outfit. I don’t know where it’s coming from or what kind of subconscious tricks my mind is playing on me. But it actually happens quite often and it was the same with this outfit. I have really been into maxi dresses lately and wanted to wear it with a shearling coat. Similar to the one Kate Hudson wore in the movie “Almost Famous”. I ended up pairing the outfit with a totally different type of coat but it reflected the same idea, so I was still very pleased with the outcome.

I wanted to create a Boho outfit. Although, I’m a fan of Boho outfits, the style in general is a little too relaxed for my taste. My outfits tend to be more polished and magazine-ready, if you will. Mainly, I get my inspiration from an idea and then go with my own flow to create something similar but at the same time totally different. If it makes any sense. In this post, I want to share how to create a polished Boho look from this shoot I did with the ever-so talented photographer Trav McAvaddy.


What makes this dress perfect for a Boho inspired outfit is the length, along with the print, the ruffle accents on the sleeves and the skirt. It’s a very romantic yet sophisticated and polished look. The navy trim on the waistline accentuates the waist, while the trimmed-necktie pulls the whole outfit  together.

The problem that arises with a floral print is that it can become too busy, if styled incorrectly. In this case, you need to put some thought into it – either wear it with a belt, or style it with simple footwear or handbag. This particular dress is very well crafted and thought through by the manufacturer, so the problem is solved for you.




Initially, I fell in-love with this coat when I first purchased it. And I never had the intention to create a Boho-inspired look with it. I bought it in two colors white and black. You can check out the black version in my previous blog post by the way. It’s very fascinating how you can style the same coat (in different colors), for two completely different looks. But that’s the magic in putting together outfits.

We did this photoshoot couple weeks ago when it still was pretty cold out. But now when the weather is starting to get warmer I will have to switch the faux fur coat to a suede jacket. Just like the suggested jackets I have in the links. That’s the beauty of this outfit – you can wear it all year round!





Nothing screams Boho more to me than Chloé handbags. The shape and the circle hardware on the Faye handbag, a simple yet sophisticated look of the Drew, or the Pixie handbag which looks like it has been teleported straight out of the 70s, or their masterpiece (in my opinion) – the Nile bag.

Another suggestion would be the Sylvie handbag by Gucci with a floral print, or their Queen Margaret bag with the top-handle. Of course, those are high-price range bags, but there are affordable options as well. See the links below. The general idea is to get a bag that makes a statement, while complementing the dress at the same time. I feel that the top-handle bags do just that.





Since the rest of the ensemble is already such a statement, you want to keep the accessories to a minimum and the footwear as simple as possible. I chose my Mango block heel suede boots for this shoot. They’re very basic and matched the colors in the dress, which was perfect and worked out very well.

My earrings are also from Mango. These earrings are very elegant, but again very simple. I didn’t want to overwhelm the outfit with bold accessories. These classy sunglasses are from Anthropology. The frames are minimalistic and they’re exactly what I wanted to finish the outfit.














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