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I’ve made it a habit to go through my closet twice a year to sell or donate whatever I don’t wear anymore. It keeps my closet looking fresh and tidy. It’s much easier to find the pieces that I love, it’s also easier to put outfits together since I know exactly what I own and where to find it. I’ve been doing these kind of closet clean-ups for the last four years and I get so excited every time I get to do it. It’s an event of itself with coffee and cookies to keep me motivated. Not only do I go through my closet, but also my shoes, handbags and makeup. Last year, the cleanup extended to my jewelry drawers. I was very pleased to pass on those pieces that I once enjoyed to other loving hands by donating them. I absolutely refuse to use the phrase “get rid of”. Nothing saddens me more than when people say they have a closet full of things that still has tags on them. Even though it’s not their style anymore they still can’t make themself donate or sell them because they “paid too much for it”, “it was a good deal” or my personal favorite “I have such great memories associated with it”. Every piece deserves to be loved, cherished and WORN! You spent your valuable time to choose these pieces and stood in line to pay for them. If they don’t excite you anymore like they should – give them to someone that will enjoy them! And don’t shop mindlessly! Mindless shopping is not my thing and I don’t  recommend it. But we’ll talk about that subject in another post!





When I started sorting out my jewelry drawers a couple months ago, I found a lot of pieces that I had forgotten about. After all, I’ve never done such a thorough cleaning of my jewelry drawers before. Some pieces were stashed away in little boxes all the way in the back of the drawer. Those were the pieces that I had bought myself a long time ago and some were gifted to me by friends and relatives. Looking at all of those mismatched pieces got me thinking. What is my jewelry style? I quickly realized that I had no idea whatsoever! How funny, I thought. Me being a stylist for so many years and this question had never even crossed my mind. Jewelry plays such a big part in creating a great outfit! It’s the little details that you put in an outfit that makes it pop. And yet, I’ve never defined to myself what exactly my jewelry style was.

I’m super picky about everything, especially when it comes to picking out my jewelry. Funny enough, I can check clothes, shoes and handbags online or in-store for hours. But when it comes to jewelry, I don’t have patience at all. I only buy it if I come across something I like in that particular moment. And since I never knew what kind of jewelry that fit my style, it was especially hard to shop for. How can you find something if you don’t even know what you’re searching for? For someone who wearing jewelry doesn’t come naturally, I had to sit myself down and ask all these questions. Do I wear jewelry to work? Do I match my jewelry to my handbag hardware? What kind of jewelry do I prefer to wear at the same time – just earrings, necklaces, or everything at once? Do I like silver or gold?





So, I figured out that I like to mix silver and gold pieces together. But I prefer gold, because I feel that it matches my skin tone better. I really like statement earrings that are not over-the-top however, I like to wear them to work. I really, really have to like a necklace to wear it. Otherwise, I’d rather go with earrings and no necklace at all. I only wear rings for special occasions, only if it goes with my outfit. And since I am always on-the-go, I almost never wear bracelets since they might get stuck on a door knob as I’m running out of the house. That’s a very true story that happened by the way. My style is classy and sometimes minimalistic, depending on my mood. And I have a very practical approach to my jewelry (just as I do with all my wardrobe pieces from shoes to clothes). I absolutely don’t keep pieces in my wardrobe that I barely wear.

Once I went through my collection and got it all figured out, I said goodbye to my old pieces. And it was now time to start building a new collection that went with my style, lifestyle and budget. Since I already knew my style, I divided the jewelry in three price categories and started shopping.










If I don’t feel like spending a lot of money, both H&M and Mango are great brands for jewelry. There prices are very affordable and the designs are absolutely wonderful! You can find anything from classy to minimalistic to even “artsy” jewelry. I get so many complements every time I wear these inexpensive pieces. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. It all depends on how you put together the outfit. The quality has also been surprisingly good, considering such a reasonable price. All in all I highly recommend those two brands. Just check the selection below. Every piece is such an eye pleaser!











AFFORDABLE ($50-$150)



My go-to brands for this category are J.Crew and Swarovski. I first fell in love with J.Crew jewelry back in 2015. They mostly make statement pieces but you can find some classy pieces as well. Whether it’s a necklace or earrings you’re wearing, it will most definitely get noticed. Lately, I’ve been going for more classy pieces like the ones I have on in these photos. Those earrings are still very statement, but also have a classy touch to them. As for Swarovski, they are nothing but the definition of classy. In fact, the Swarovski necklace was the first present my man had ever given me. So for me this brand is more than just pretty pieces. The quality is exceptional and I have owned a couple pair of earrings and a few necklaces that I bought many years ago myself as well.











FINE JEWELRY ($150-up)



I don’t own a lot of fine jewelry. Just a couple of pieces that my man and family has gifted me throughout the years. His family gifted me a gold necklace with my name. Just like the one that Carrie Bradshaw had. I dreamt of the necklace like that since the “Sex and the City” days. He also bought me Tiffany earrings. Those are absolutely two of my favorite pieces. I do have some luxury pieces on my list like Cartier love bracelet and Van Cleef & Arpels clover necklace, to name a few. Those are my dream pieces and I get so excited just thinking that I will own them one day. The anticipation sometimes is even better than the purchase itself. There are few pieces that are quite affordable as well. Like the Monica Vinader bracelets. Upcoming Valentine’s Day gift perhaps?



















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