Couple of months ago I've made a goal to give it a piece of mind and finally figure out what kind of perfumes I like. So I am continuing the perfume theme on the blog and this time I will be talking about the second choice for my collection. My decision couldn't come at a more perfect time. New season is a perfect excuse to splurge on a new perfume, to add to your already existing collection or change it entirely like in my case.

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Perfume collection. Part I

It has been hard for me to stick around one (or even two or three) perfumes for a long time. I seem not to be able to commit. At first I get super excited about a perfume and just after a couple of months it looses all its charms. I start looking for something new and exciting while my not so long ago favorite fragrance is getting dusty on my dressing table.

It got even more complicated over the years. As it turns out, I have to love the bottle as much as the perfume itself for me to buy it. It does somewhat makes sense. It will be sitting on my dressing table for a while and I will have to look at it every time I do my makeup or apply my skin care. So I might as well enjoy looking at it.

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