Back to school


I’ve always liked early Fall – beautiful red, yellow and orange trees, the smell of burning leaves, colder nights, I even liked rainy days as long as my feet were dry but most of all I liked the new clothes and shoes for school and all new school supplies. Cannot say the same about getting back to school and later college. Being as curious person as I am somewhat I did not particularly enjoy studying, not all the subjects at least. I remember being very excited about astronomy and physics classes but the teacher’s personality killed all that interest pretty soon. I’ve always been passionate about composition though as long as I was given a chance to be creative and write from my heart and not about a boring subject. A passion that later helped me to creative this blog. read more


The Importance of creating a positive mind

I am a very positive person but even my mind can be taken over by sad thoughts from time to time. Less often now after I’ve started practicing positive mindset and meditation. Before I could just let my thoughts take me to whatever place and usually it wasn’t a happy one. Bad thoughts are very clingy and if you go with the flow can not only spoil your day but your life as well. We know that we are the creators of our own destiny but not a lot of people realize that it all starts in our minds. “What you think, you become” – I cannot say it more clear than that and cannot stress enough how true that is. Creating a positive mind and attitude now will help you achieve all your goals in life later and make you life more enjoyable now. It is not that hard as it might seem at first. All it takes is to be more aware of NOW and practice. Just as you can train your body to be strong, you can also train your attitude to be positive. read more


Jewelry haul


The Fall season is just around the corner and it is the best time to shop with all the sales going on at the moment so I did some jewelry shopping earlier this week. But some of the pieces are so cheap you wouldn’t even need to shop sales to feel good about yourself.






I think I reconsidered my view about FOREVER 21 jewelry after one photoshoot I modeled for few months back. The stylist picked up a Forever 21 necklace to go with my outfit and it looked so nice by itself and the outfit I couldn’t believe it was what it was. $2.90 for a pair of earrings is as cheap as it can get but pared with nice outfit it won’t look cheap at all. Forever 21 is always on trend and that is what I like about it plus they have a lot of minimalistic pieces that I am fan of. This particular set of earrings and ring would look nice with boho outfit due to filigree earrings but can add interesting details to a simple white shirt/jeans outfit as well. read more


Outfit challenge | Jeans skirt


If you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram you know that I am doing an outfit challenge with a jean skirt this week – one skirt, 7 different outfits. The hardest part of it though isn’t that much of putting an outfit together rather than finding time to shoot it. This is Wednesday outfit and I will be posting the rest of the outfits today and tomorrow to make up for Monday and Friday.

This skirt is not too short and not too long, just the perfect length so you can wear it with classic heels or sporty sneakers. You literally can wear it with anything. Colors wise I prefer to wear it with beige, blue and white, sometimes black although I think beige and white is always a winner combination. read more


Nothing to wear





I continue the athleisure theme on the blog with this outfit. This outfit is the easiest to put together and it is not only suitable for summer either – just adjust your footwear for appropriate weather.


I said it before, I’ll say it again – invest in a good trench coat. It is almost all season piece of clothing, it is versitile – it can be classic, it can minimalistic and casual – depending what you wear it with. With this outwear the possibilities are literally endless. read more