Athleisure is a word


Indeed it is and you’ve been seeing the trend on the streets for awhile but now it’s gotten its own word and it is more popular than ever. I wouldn’t say it’s a new trend. Remember early 90s? Well I was a baby at that time too but thanks to Internet and never dying desire to explore fashion trends firmly placed those images in my head. Let me make it a little easier – Monica Geller and her dress and sneakers outfit in the first season of “Friends”? Here you go! So back to the topic, as I said I wouldn’t call it a new trend but who cares? It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s all I want to wear for the rest of my life! One moment though, you still want to put some effort into the outfit so it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed and put on whatever. You see effortless looks need some effort too. Cruel reality of life! So let me give you guys few ideas and inspire you a little. read more


How to shop without breaking the bank


With our online lives we are constantly reminded about the things we don’t have that we need to buy – celebrity must-have sneakers, Kendall Jenner approved H&M top, Gigi Hadid favorite sunglasses you need in your wardrobe, etc, etc. List goes on and on and on. It can be very overwhelming. Me being a fashion blogger I am subscribed to a lot of online stores promotional emails that send me emails everyday about upcoming sales and must-have buys. If I didn’t have the guidelines I’ve created for myself the fact that I can’t have it all would make me a very miserable person. Today I’m sharing it with you guys. read more


Practical denim jumpsuit


Jumpsuit is not exactly practical piece of clothing to invest into. After all how many times are you going to wear it? It is not like a good pair of jeans that you can style almost with anything – t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, heel, sneakers, etc., etc. That’s what I thought too quite awhile actually. But turns out if you can get your hands on a jumpsuit that emphasizes all your good features you wouldn’t mind wearing it all the time for all occasions. Just a little bit of imagination and styling and voila! One jumpsuit – endless outfits! read more


Styling 70s inspired outfit


When I think about 70s fashion what comes to mind is definitely platforms, flare jeans and hippy/happy way of living. So when I was styling this outfit I tried to keep it as relaxed as possible still staying in my favorite monochrome though.






When you are choosing top for this outfit think about peasant style blouse – something very relaxed with flower motif possibly. It doesn’t have to be white, it can be any color you like. In fact, more colorful – the better. I like everything in white and back so this was an obvious choice for me. read more


Blue jeans | White shirt


Today I want to do a short post and talk about patience (since there are few things in my life that I’ve been waiting for impatiently) and also fulfillment. We all have goals in life either it’s a promotion at work or better car or slimmer waistline or new relationship. It is all good as long as it doesn’t take over your world and the only thing that seem to matter is reaching that goal. Life is about journey not the destination, right? All we’ll ever have is right here, right now. What I figured out is that people expect to have the feeling of fulfillment as a natural state once they fulfilled whatever checklist they had but it doesn’t work that way. You got to learn how to enjoy life to its fullest same as you need to learn other things in life. You want to run 5K – you need to practice, you want to learn a foreign language – you need to work on it every day. It is the same principle with a happy life. You want a happy fulfulled life – you need to work on your way of living and most importantly – thinking because “what you think, you become”. I cannot give you an easy 1,2,3 steps of how to do it but what I’ve learned so far are those simple rules read more