Jewelry and I were never friends. If you don’t count those crazy teen years when you would wear anything to stand out in the crowd. But when I finely came to my senses I couldn’t find anything that would satisfy my taste and my budget.

Cheap jewelry never got me excited. My meticulousness kept getting on the way. I’ve expected to see some serious craftsmanship that you probably could only find in fine jewelry. And since I’m not anything close to Queen Elizabeth my “all or nothing” attitude was getting me nothing. Until I walked in J. Crew store one day… read more

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Simple outfits made fancy. PART I


They say never start an article with a question but let me do it anyways. When you think about the most basic outfit what does come to your mind? I bet most people would answer “jeans and a t-shirt”. It doesn’t get anymore simple and comfortable. It’s an outfit for any occasion: lunch with friends, movie night, a date,¬†grocery shopping (yes, for some it’s an occasion, thank you very much!). As good as your beloved pair of jeans make your butt look and your favorite t-shirt shows off all your hard-earned biceps it gets boring. But just by adding few pieces of clothing and accessories to your outfit can transform it into something totally different! So here’s the 1st post in “Fancy It Up” series where I will be talking about how to style everyday simple outfits. I hope you guys enjoy! read more

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